Battle of the Cleansing Brushes Part II

Battle of the Cleansing Brushes Part II

Clarisonic was one of the first cleansing brushes I’ve ever heard of. Whether it’s the first one ever to come out on the market, I have no idea. The funny thing is? I’ve never tried that before! I have however tried two other brushes that I have reviewed previously and if you think that was it, guess again. Now there’s quite a few skincare brands that are coming up with their own version of the cleansing brush.

So far I’ve tried another 3 more cleansing brushes. All with their own special properties and all with their own merits and also disadvantages. In this post I’ll be sharing a quick review of the Skinvigorate by Mary Kay, Philips VisaPure and ConAir True Glow Sonic Cleansing Brush.

Skinvigorate by Mary Kay

RRP$65 includes two brush heads and 2 AA batteries.

mary kay skinvigorate

The Skinvigorate reminds me a lot of the Olay Regenerist Cleansing Brush with it being battery operated and a two speed power brush. Just like the Olay, Skinvigorate is pretty lightweight and doesn’t need to be charged before use. It is slightly bigger than the Olay cleansing brush and the buttons are on the front rather than the back of the gadget

Like the Olay, Skinvigorate also comes with two brushes but I’m not too sure if one is for sensitive and the other for normal or if it’s just an extra brush head. The main difference would have to be the price point and how readily available they are. With Mary Kay’s Skinvigorate, you would need to order online or via a Mary Kay representative, whereas the Olay can easily be bought from Priceline. Price wise Olay costs $32.49 while Skinvigorate sells for $60 – that’s double the price for something that does basically the same thing. Both also didn’t have a timer to indicate when you should move the brush onto another part of your face. The replacement brush heads sells for $18 for a pack of 2.


Philips VisaPure

RRP$199.95 Now $149.95 at the Shaver Shop.

philips visapure

Unlike all the other cleansing brushes I’ve tried the one thing that stands out about the VisaPure is the shape of this cleansing brush. It comes in this long conical shape (some might even call it phallic!). The VisaPure needs to be charged fully for 6 hours before use and the charger is designed so that there are vents at the bottom where you place the brush in to allow the brush to dry after use. I however, would much prefer to just detach the brush head from the cleansing gadget and place it back onto the charger.

Like most cleansing brushes, the VisaPure also comes with two brush heads, one for normal and the other sensitive skin – this is marked by the pink at the centre of the brush head. The brush comes with two settings – speed setting 1 for gentle cleansing and speed setting 2 for deep cleansing. This basically means setting 2 has faster oscillations compared to setting 1. Another plus point is the fact that the VisaPure does come with an automatic timer that oscillates for 20 seconds and pauses for a short while for you to move it to a different area of your face. The cleansing brush will stop after 1 minute to prevent over-treatment – a good thing to keep you from going overboard with your cleansing! The replacement brush heads retails at $19.95 each.


ConAir True Glow Sonic Cleansing Brush


conair true glow sonic cleansing brush

The mother of all cleansing brushes – ok so I’m calling it that because this particular one has not one, not two but THREE different speeds. It does come with a charger where you would need to have it fully charged before use. I can’t recall how long you would need to charge it for but I would always recommend to have it charged for 24 hours. The shape is similar to that of the Skin Physics Derma Sonic Power but has one less speed setting. The True Glow Sonic brush comes with two brush heads – one for the face (pink) and the other for your body (green). Like the VisaPure, it comes with an automatic timer, but instead of pausing, it beeps after 10 seconds to tell you to move on to another area of your face. The replacement brush heads sell for $17.99 each, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

My Verdict

Now for my verdict of which I think is best. You see, they each have their own merits so I have decided to split the comparisons into the different points.

  • Charger VS Batteries

Like the Olay, the Skinvigorate makes a great travel companion as it uses batteries and so you won’t need to worry about the voltage compatibility, plus it’s compact. But if I were to compare between the Olay and the Skinvigorate? I would pick the Olay because of the price. The other two cleansers are best kept for home use as they need to be charged but, I have to admit the VisaPure is pretty easy to pack with its slimline design and the tiny and compact designed charger.

  • Oscillations

Out of the three mentioned above, the Skinvigorate has the highest oscilations – 400 oscillations per second, giving you a more thorough clean. The True Glow Sonic brush runs at 300 oscillations per second just like the Skin Physics cleansing brush. I have no idea how many oscillations the VisaPure does but it does say that it cleanse 6 times more than the usual cleansing you do with your hands. Not helpful information, I know. Having said that, the VisaPure does come with dual motion where the brush head rotates AND vibrates to give you an even deeper cleanse.

  • Timer Function

I loved the fact that both the VisaPure and the True Glow Sonic have automatic timers that tells us when to move on to the next part of our face. It makes it a lot easier for us not to have to figure out when to move on. The VisaPure goes a step further and stops automatically after a minute of use, which is rather helpful for those who are pedantic over how long they’ve scrubbed their face for.

  • Price

Skinvigorate came up tops when it came to price – but that’s just comparing between the three I’ve mentioned here and I think that’s also because of the fact that it lacks the additional functions that the other two models have – automatic timer and charger. Between the two higher end cleansing brushes, the True Glow Sonic came in at $80 cheaper and yet provides similar functions as the VisaPure.

My Pick

If given the choice – as in if I’m forced to pick my favourite – I would have to say, out of all the cleansing brushes I’ve tried, I would pick the Olay Regenerist cleansing brush for travel because of its compact design and size as well as the fact that it runs on batteries and that it’s the cheapest. As for the ones that come with charging stations, my favourite would have to be the Philips VisaPure for its sleek and compact design. The price though is what can push me to go for the True Glow Sonic. But where performance is measured, they both stacked up pretty well. So really it’s a matter of either design or functionality and price.


Have you tried any of these or the previous cleansing brushes I’ve shared? Or are there others out there in the market that I haven’t mentioned? Which is your favourite or which ones would you love to try out in the future?


*I was given the cleansing brushes for consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy. All comments are my own. 





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