Monday Eats: Burger Joints

Monday Eats: Burger Joints

I love a good burger and by good I mean (ok, vegetarians please avert your eyes) you get to taste how juicy the meat is plus the slight charring and the thickness of the patty. With so many burger joints popping up all over Melbourne, it can be quite hard to find a place that serves a simple yet scrumptious burger. There are also joints that try to “glamourise” the humble burger, but for me, it’s the simple, no fuss patties plus cheese and pickles served in between a warm burger bun that makes it.

The first non “fast-food” chain style burger I ever tried was Grill’d. This was when there were only a tiny handful number of joints that were opened. I think there were only two then and I got to try the second outlet. It blew my mind how much tastier their burgers were and their chips were crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Yum! That was just the beginning. I then tried a few places but so far these are the ones that have stood out for me. But then again, it could be also that I haven’t tried that many places!

burger joints in melbourne

Clockwise from left: Fries with Aioli from Rockwell & Sons, Cheeseburger from Gramercy Bistro, The Cheeseburger Lunch deal at Beer DeLuxe in Hawthorn, The Hum at Humburger in Hawthorn

Burger Joints

I am being biased here, as this is Mr. C’s and mine favourite date night hang out. I’ve done a short review of the place previously, so I won’t go into any detail here. Mr. C tried their  Double Patty Smash Burger ($11.00), which like the name says comes with double patties. The burger looks tiny compared to your Whoppers and Big Macs, and even the ones from Grill’d but thanks to the heartiness of the burger, that one order is more than enough. Have it with a side of hand cut French fries served with some malt vinegar aioli and some old fashioned lemonade, you’ve got your complete meal covered.

This was a place that Mr. C and I saw being offered on Groupon…or was it Living Social? But we didn’t end up purchasing the coupons because luckily for me, I was already (coincidentally) going to have lunch there with two of my blogging friends – Tine and LeGeeque (not her real name of course). We hadn’t met up for a few months and thought it was high time we girls got together for a little catch up and a lot of gossip. LeGeeque is a frequent patron of Beer DeLuxe over in Hawthorn and this girl sure as hell knows her beers.

As the name suggests Beer DeLuxe serves a range of specially crafted beers and what goes better with a beer than a good old fashioned burger! While I do love a pint of light beer once in a while, I’m more of a cider girl myself. So for lunch we each had the Burger DeLuxe, which came with a double pattie, lettuce, bacon, onion, cheese and a side of fries for only $12 – this is their lunchtime special, which is available Mondays through to Sundays. How awesome is that! The chips came with some delicious aioli dipping sauce (but of course!).


Set as part of The Cullen hotel over in Prahran, Gramercy Bistro was a place Mr. C and I found by chance. Ok, not really by chance. We were supposed to have dinner over at The Olive Tree for one of our date nights, but no thanks to the lack of parking on the night due to White Night in the city, we had to cancel our plans and decided to find another place to have our dinner. We were starving, and let’s just say I was ‘hangry’. Mr. C remembered the restaurant we went to a few years ago that was situated just downstairs from The Cullen Hotel but we couldn’t remember the name of the place. We knew where it was and we knew that it served some sort of tapas and for dessert; chocolate souffle. When we got there though, we were surprised that it had changed into a place that serves a New York style street menu with a Melbourne twist (I got that from the site ok?).

We were there, we were hungry, so we just thought, why not give this place a try. We kept it simple and opted for the cheeseburger ($20.95), which had Wagyu beef, served with American mustard, relish, bacon, Monterey Jack cheddar and pickles that came with a side of shoe string fries. Good thing we did venture out of our usual routine to try out this place, because the burger was pretty scrumptious! It was bigger than the burgers served at Rockwell & Sons but it was just as juicy and tasty. It was also slightly more expensive, but I think that’s to be expected as it was situated as part of the hotel. When you do compare the amount to the price though, I have to admit, it’s pretty reasonable.


Humburger is a newly opened burger joint down in Hawthorn, where Mr. C took us to yesterday for lunch with the kids. Knowing how I love my burger, Mr. C who went there with his (I call it his “partner”) work colleague thought it was worthy of my time to try this place.

Humburger is a pretty humble place, with 5 different types of burgers but, we went for The Hum ($8.00), which is simply beef patty with cheddar, pickles, mustard, mayo and tomato sauce. The fries that we ordered came seasoned with some sweet smoked paprika and was crispy on the outside and oh so damn soft on the inside. It reminded me of a cross between chips and wedges. I had my meal with a bottle of pear cider, because really, what’s a burger meal without some cider?! Mr. C was spot on and yes, I did love the simplicity yet juiciness of The Hum. Next time, I might give Frenchy a try – imagine having beef patty with potato rosti, Bearnaise sauce with cornichon (a.k.a gherkin) and lettuce. YUM!


Have you tried out any other burger joints that you think are worth sharing with me? Would love to try out other places and seriously, while there’s so many condiments to make that burger “special” or different, I’m really after one that’s got a good tasty, juicy patty cooked to perfection, with the traditional cheese, pickles type of thing. So please feel free to suggest a few other places for Mr. C and I to try out.





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