Love, Like & Loathe: My New Path, Upcoming Novels, Overthinking

Love, Like & Loathe: My New Path, Upcoming Novels, Overthinking

It is Friday again, and yes you can hear me sighing a breath of relief as the weekend is only a knock a way. This has been yet another full-on week of learning new things, opening up my mind to absorbing new ideas and managing my time, running around like a headless chicken. Kudos to mums (or dads) who work full-time, run the house and manage their kids – WITHOUT help from their partners! Anyway, on this week’s Love, Like and Loathe, I’d like to open up my Love list sharing the new path I’m definitely enjoying right now.


For those of you who have followed my “new” journey of me going back to my studies you would already know that I’m furthering my knowledge to learn to impart knowledge to our future generations. Yes, I’m embarking to teach those growing minds that are eager or maybe some not so eager to learn. While it is full-on in terms of what I’m learning each day and each week, I do love the idealistic notion of teaching our kids to be smarter learners. It is such an eye opening idea to work out how to generate smarter thinkers who can apply what they’ve learnt at school. But, while it is an idealistic notion it is also not an easy task. My respect for teachers have grown tenfold, because of the fact that they have to: 

  • think of ways to stimulate the students
  • think of ways to make sure they adhere to the curriculum standards
  • generate individual thinking yet not isolate the kids

and most importantly…

  • dealing with parents who think they know everything

The part that I find hard to grapple with is that I myself am a parent and learning all these new ideas and then facing some issues you find with your own school’s way of teaching or not teaching, and hearing things from other parents who are against or for certain things, and so much other factors that put you in a rather tight position can be a bit complicated at times. Especially when you can stand in both shoes – the parent and the teacher. You sort of have to think both ways, you’re supposed to understand what the teacher is going through and has to go through and yet you also understand where the parents are coming from (OMG I’m OVERTHINKING!). This makes me feel a little bit trapped in a way. But, that’s not to say I don’t love my new path. I do. I’m just nervous I guess because I know in about 2 weeks time I’ll be out there to observe and learn what it’s like in the REAL WORLD!




I should really put this under my LOVE list seeing that I love reading so much – well it’s my escape from my reality I guess – but seeing that the books aren’t exactly out yet, I have to put them under my LIKE list. Don’t you hate it when the books you read end in a cliffhanger only to have to wait another year for the next installment to be released. Yes, that. Annoying. Well three books from a series or rather the next part for one of them, will be released soon and I am totally excited! I’ve read on of them thanks to being given the review copy but the other two I just have to sit and wait patiently I guess!

  • *Inviolate by Karen Turner

Due to be released in April, Inviolate is the continuation to the first book Torn. Set in the regency era, the book continues the story of Alex who has been forced to wed another gentleman, which in those days were common, to finalise some sort of a business deal. There is the usual drama and we see how Alex grows from an innocent and naive young woman to a woman who is subjected to lies, threats and debauchery. It opens her eyes to what really goes behind closed doors and some social circles. Will Alex finally get to be with the love of her life, that remains to be seen as we follow her journey – I can’t say much or else I might as well just tell you the story. I do have on criticism of Alex’s character though. While I can see how much stronger she did progress to become, I still found her grovelling for forgiveness a bit hard to stomach. I thought that showed too much desperation from a woman who has gone through so much to have made her that way. Sure love is an important aspect of life and of this story on the whole but the grovelling? That I could not take. Still, worth reading to find out what happens in the end, but another word of warning, I did skim through the parts where they were talking about what happened during the war.

  • Right Click by Lisa Becker

Another book that’s due for release in mid May is Right Click from author Lisa Becker of Click and Double Click fame. This is the final installment of the contemporary romance where, in this day an age is centred around the email communication of Renee and her friends. In Click we read about Renee’s foray into online dating, in Double Click, we follow the continuation of Renee’s love story. Right Click follows six months on where relationships are tested and some need to be set “right” before everyone can find their “happily ever after” – well I haven’t read it yet so I’m wondering what will happen next!

  • Dreams of Gods and Monsters books by Laini Taylor

The final book I’ve been waiting for is the final (I think it’s the final one!) in the Daughter of Smoke And Bone series by Laini Taylor. This is for fans of “other worlds” where you have talking monsters and flying angels – that sort of book. Yes there’s adventure, mystery and romance and what roped me in was the mysterious Karou – the main character of the book. The second book; Days of Blood and Starlight, follows Karou’s journey after her real identity has been revealed. We learn about the “history” behind the “other world”, the politics that caused the disarray and bam – hit with another bloody cliffhanger that makes us wonder which side will she take in the end – will she fight for the “monsters” or the angels? Or can both co-exist if they overthrow the true liars in this political tug of war. This is where Dreams of Gods and Monsters comes in and I have pre-ordered the e-book version of this final book in the series, which is due out on the 17th April!


Finally the thing that I loathe most this week – my penchant for over-thinking things. Do you do that? Do you often over-think and then make yourself worry over something that you have no control over? Is this a thing that only women do?

I find that I often complicate things that are supposed to be black and white – I tend to think that there’s always shades of greys in EVERYTHING. So much so that I often worry myself silly before the event actually happens. Mr. C often laughs whenever I start worrying over things that I have no control over – which I think is related to my anxiety issues. I worry too much. Take for instance what I’ve shared in my Love list this week – issues surrounding the ways things are taught in my kid’s school. From a teachers point of view, I can see why things are done a certain way and yet I can also understand where parents are coming from when going against what is being done. Then I start to worry – is my child getting the best type of education? And what really is regarded as the best? In what context – so on and so forth. Get what I mean by over-thinking? This is just an example by the way. There’s more over-thinking in this brain of mine unfortunately. Something I need to sort of reign in so that I don’t worry myself silly over things that I shouldn’t even be worried about.

Ok, that was a pretty lame loathe this week. I’m tired. It’s been a rather long week. A whole week of revelations that has also caused me to go a bit flat this week. What are you loving, liking or loathing this week? Maybe you can give me some insight into what’s been going on in your lives?


*Updated to add that the edition of Inviolate I read was the unedited version and I have been informed that the parts covering the war has been taken out. 



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  • Karen says:

    I didn’t know you were studying again, glad it’s going well. A couple of the books you mentioned appeal to me so I’ll see if I can find them. Liked this post. Must find time to read your blog and other’s regularly. Enjoy the weekend.

    • Norlin says:

      I hope you enjoy reading the books once they’re released Karen. Well, at least you can enjoy the first few in the series and not have to wait too long for the new ones to be out.

  • hana says:

    I feel you sis on the “over thinking”part. I think I shared with you previously that we are similar in that aspect. Its amazing how Mr C can laugh at you & that reminds me of my husband too lol. He often tells me, ” aren’t you tired babe? You seems to be thinking a lot and you do aware that you have no control over it,right?” hehe…

    I am still learning to minimise my brain from “over thinking”. I am still trying to deal this, somehow. hehe. So, I understand how you feel. I guess, its just a woman’s thing hehe.

    On the other note, glad to know you’re enjoying yourself back at Uni 🙂

    p/s: The books you’ve mentioned looks good. I am still hunting for a nice book to read now. Any recommendation?

    • Norlin says:

      Hey Hana, love reading your comments! Yeah, beginning to think it’s such a woman thing to over think! Need to work on that 😀
      If you follow me on Goodreads, you can look up the books I’ve read and given 4 – 5 stars to and gauge the genre you’d like to read on. Hope that helps!

  • Chronic over-thinker here too! And my husband rolls his eyes at me before calmly telling me to stop stressing over things that might not happen and things I can’t control.

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