Friday’s Favourites: Brands I Wished Were in Australia

Friday’s Favourites: Brands I Wished Were in Australia

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – even for those not celebrating it, just feel the love. 🙂 Plus, the weekend is almost here so, really, what’s NOT to be excited about right? Mr. C and I sort of celebrated Valentine’s Day last Saturday, without realising our wedding or rather anniversary when we took our wedding vows, was only a day away. Partly my fault because I confused the date with the date of our ceremony. Long story.

Anyway, I’ve decided to take a break from our regular Love, Like and Loathe post this week to share with you my list of Friday’s Favourites. This week, it’s featuring brands I absolutely love but wished were in Australia! Ok, so some of them will be here – soon, but not necessarily in Melbourne (boo!).

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Brands I Wished Were in Australia

While they do have stores in Australia, sadly, they’re only available at airports. Even then, there is only a limited collection available AND mostly features their fragrances or body products. I loved their lingerie collection and the price point, when I was shopping in the U.S. Plus they also come in size 32, which is sort of like an 8 I think. Not a common size here in Australia. The bras I bought from them are so comfortable, and this is coming from someone who loathes wearing lace bras – I mean hello itchy! But their lace bras are surprisingly comfortable and very flattering! Their body products are actually pretty nice too – gorgeous scents to work your senses 😉

Last I heard though they are planning to open a store here in Australia (yippeee!) but, in Sydney (boo!). I’m hoping that’s to test the market, then they would eventually bring Victoria’s Secret here to Melbourne (fingers crossed!).


I first came across Pull & Bear when I was in Singapore. They have pretty good basics, like their comfy racer back tank tops and simple shirts. While it targets mainly the “Top Shop” type of patrons – meaning the younger age range, I don’t really care because their basics suits anyone from any age range. The style is very laid back – lots of casual items that you can easily team with what you’ve already got in your wardrobe. Their price point is pretty good and their range reminded me a little bit like Zara. So I did my research. Apparently it’s also owned by the company that owns Zara. Gee, no wonder I’m smitten with the brand!


This store is a favourite with both my girls and yes, their mum too! With body products like body lotions, bath and shower gels, and hand sanitisers that makes my girls go gaga over the different scents available, they were spoilt for choice when they first discovered the brand in the U.S. The store also specialises in scented candles, soaps, and other fragrances for the home. The prices were pretty affordable too, when you compare it to what we’ve got here, in Australia. I think the best part is their seasonal scents. Bath and Bodyworks just opened their store in Singapore, so I’ll probably get my sister to send some over or buy me and the girls some for our birthdays! Here’s hoping they bring that over here too and keep their affordable price point.


I remember Mr. C laughing at me and saying, “But, you’re not 21!”, when I told him to hop into the store while he was on a business trip in Singapore a few years ago. Actually, he still does make fun of me when I purchase anything from there. Well, sorry Mr. C but I happen to LOVE this brand. Maybe not everything in their range is suitable for my age but there are a few pieces that look amazing and suitable for those of us who are not quite 21. I’m talking about their Love21 range – where I bought the polka dot peplum dress. What I also love is their price point. Yes, it’s always the price people!

Forever21 IS and will be opening a store here in Australia…but it will be in Brisbane (noooo!). Again, I’m hoping they are testing the market there and then will open here in Melbourne. Hello fashion capital anyone? :p I also hope that they don’t jack up their prices too high, because really, that will defeat the purpose of shopping at Forever21 right?


Once again, another brand that I discovered whilst I was in Singapore. Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that specialises in simple yet stylish and good quality basic pieces. Can you see how much love I’ve got for basics? The quality is AMAZING and I went crazy stocking up on some ribbed tank tops. I also bought the houndstooth print skinny pants – so comfortable and fab for Winter! The basics of course go by the seasons, featuring tank tops and basic tees for the warmer months and tights, leggings, jackets, skivvys and more for the colder months.

I KNOW that they ARE bringing the store down to Melbourne (WOOT!) but right now, they’ve got a pop-up store on the corner of Bourke and Swanston Street – although there’s not much basics for women at the moment. I cannot wait for the main store to open mid this year!


Have you tried or heard any of these brands too? What are the labels you hope they would bring over to Australia and NOT charge an arm and a leg for?





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