Styling Super Short Hair

Styling Super Short Hair

As promised from Friday’s Love, Like and Loathe post, I’ve put together 7 different ways to style super short hair, thanks to my newly acquired hair style. I have to admit though, I’ve only ever worn 2 of the styles out and having played around with the rest that I’ve shared here, I think now I’ll have more ways to wear it than the usual side-swept bangs.

I did check out a few sites and images on Pinterest to get some ideas and inspiration. Christina from Hair Romance wrote two posts featuring short hair with 3 ways to style a pixie cut and the day after I had my haircut, a post featuring Jennifer Lawrence and the ways she’s been wearing her short hair. More ideas I can actually use as I get used to having this short do.

Another site I’ve been checking out is Cable Car Couture who has a page dedicated to short hair! I love her feature on everyday women who have decided to go for the big chop.

Now it’s my turn to share with you the 7 different ways you can style your super short hair.

Let’s start of with the easiest one and the way I usually wear my hair:

  • The Side Swept Fringe.

sideswept short hair

Basically, it’s taking a little bit more than my usual part and blow drying it so that it will be swept to the side. This is the easiest one to do. A tip, you would need your hair to be wet to work on the parting or else your natural part would take over once its dry and it’ll be too late!

  • The Short All Up

short all up

This requires quite a lot of backcombing of my fringe and lots of hair spray to stay that way. Best done on not-so-clean hair. The sides are kept clean and sleek with some mousse beforehand. Then take the long fringe and backcomb it for some texture. Spray LOTS of hair spray so it will stay put!

  • Messy Do With Thick Headband

thick headband messy do

Another easy style to wear and add a touch of girlyness, because who says you can’t look girly with super short hair! This time I’ve chosen to wear a really thick headband. Pop it on, with the fringe left loose. Then mess up the back with your fingers.

  • Fringe Pin Up

fringe pin up

Another easy and very girly take on the super short hair. Simply let your hair out on the sides, so it looks sort of like a bob and pin up your fringe with a decorative hair pin. Leave a few loose strands from your fringe for a softer look.

  • Thin Headband With Fringe Off The Face

thin headband

I love how clean this style is! All I have to do is pop on a thin headband and have my fringe off my face. The back is semi messy but you can make it a lot more messier to give a slightly edgier look.

  • Opposite Part Fringe All Up 

all up opposite side

Yet another clean cut styling which is similar to the Short All Up look but, this time I’ve changed my parting to the opposite side and left the sides a bit less sleek and structured. This actually was a lot easier than the Short All Up especially since no backcombing was needed on my fringe at all. I just had to flip my fringe back and on to the opposite side of where my natural part is.

  • Classic Clean Do

classic clean do

This is such a clean cut look and a fabulous classic style that would go well if you were after a sleek look. Featured on the LBD post I shared last week, this was a pretty easy style to do as well. Going from my natural part, all I had to do was to push my fringe all the way to the side, keeping it off my face. You can use hair wax or hair spray to keep the fringe in place.

There you have it! 7 different ways to style super short hair. There are a few more ways than 7 of course, or you can check out my Styling for Short Hair Pinterest board!

Wondering what products I’ve use to style my hair?

tools for short hair

A paddle brush for when I’m blow drying my hair, a round brush to give a little bit of shape when I’m blow drying, L’Oreal Elnett Hair Spray for when I need some staying power and the mousse I think that has worked well on my hair is the Wella Pro Series Volume Mousse.

For my makeup on this post, I had on:

makeup for styling shoot

*CoverGirl Flamed Out Eyeshadow Pencil in Ginger Flame & Ashen Glow Flame, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Abyss, Benefit Brow Pencil, *Australis Lip & Cheek Combo, *BYS Creme Foundation in Warm Beige and L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess mascara

*Those marked with an * were given for consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy. 



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