Friday’s Favourites: Top Moments of 2013

Friday’s Favourites: Top Moments of 2013

On this week’s Friday’s Favourites, I thought I would focus on the Top Moments of 2013, seeing that most of us will be breaking up for the Christmas holidays and most schools would’ve finished by today. Wow! Can you believe that it’s only five more sleeps to Christmas, and then we welcome 2014!! I’ve got so much to look back on and while we do move on from 2013, it is a healthy way of moving forward when we learn from what we’ve gone through in the present year.

  • Leaving My Previous Job

move on

I was asked what my top moment was in 2013, and was struggling to find one, focusing instead on the negative things that had happened. But once I cleared my mind, I found THIS to be at the top of my list – leaving my previous job. I won’t say much about what I used to do, or where I used to work at. While it did give me the experience I needed and I did meet some people who have brightened up my life, I knew it was time that I moved on, especially when it was starting to bring me down. I had come to an age and time where I didn’t need to deal with the unnecessary bullsh*t, which made me unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m lucky to be able to do this, to walk away and build something else. Concentrate on my blog and start my own freelance services and for that I’m thankful.

  • Travelling to the U.S

usa trip

This year was an epic year of travel for the family. Celebrating Mr. C’s 40th, he decided to take us all to America – a place that the kids and I have longed to visit. We just didn’t think it would happen that soon! I loved getting to experience the simple pleasures (iHop anyone?), the amazingly dynamic places (Hello New York) and finally getting to meet some of Mr. C’s side of the family. It also made me appreciate what Australia had to offer (security of NOT having anyone and everyone carrying a gun) while still loving every minute of the experience that America had to give.


Image source from Styling You

In November, right after my trip to the U.S I was getting ready to take the early flight to Sydney for my photo shoot as part of Nikki’s new book. To say that I was excited would be an understatement. It was excitement, plus nerve wrecking plus awe, all mixed into one. So much so that I kept on waking up in the middle of the night, in fear of missing my early flight to Sydney. The day was highly eventful, with makeup and hair done – I mean how often does one (if you’re not a model or celebrity) gets their hair and makeup done by someone else! It was also incredibly exciting to be able to meet the other “models” – Dee, Jo and of course Nikki herself! The experience itself was unforgettably unbelievable because while it’s easy enough to have your photo taken by a tripod and self-timer when you’re doing your outfit shots. It’s another thing having your photos taken (posing and all) by someone else in a room full of people! Eeek! But I learnt a lot just from those few hours and I can’t wait for the book to be released in August 2014! Stay tuned for more on my experience in next week’s post!

color run group image

I have always wanted to join in a fun run but have always – as usual – procrastinated. That is, until this year, where I pulled the bull by the horns, and suggested to my trainer, Marina to join in the Color Run as a team. And that we did! While it wasn’t a serious run and we walked more than ran, I had the best time EVER! It was fun being splashed by buckets of colour and then spraying the coloured powder on our team mates – some of whom I’ve never met before. It was an incredibly amazing experience. This fun run has now encouraged me to join the next one – a slightly more serious one – the Sussan Women’s Classic. Hopefully.

  • And She Roared!

miss 11 and I wearing melodie dress

This is Miss 11’s final year in primary school, which to both her and myself is a HUGE milestone. Even more so is the fact that I HAVE seen such a difference the last few years have made on her confidence. She has bloomed in ways I never thought she would and that’s thanks to not just the school community (the teachers especially) but the friends she has made and hello, I have to take credit because this being a mum gig is tough! This year I saw her standing up for herself and then later on, standing up for her friends by putting her foot down against bullying and informing the teacher of what’s been going on. So it was such an appropriate song that the Grade 6’s had chosen for their “anthem” – Katy Perry’s Roar. She roared. This girl who used to bite her tongue and hold her breathe, afraid to rock the boat and make a mess finally realised that she can be comfortable with who she is. Accept people for who they are. And…now she’s

Got the eye of a tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire

‘Cause she IS a champion and we’re gonna hear HER roar!

It will be an emotional day later on. With goodbyes, and wonderful memories shared, as well as a future to look forward to. I have never been prouder than Miss 11 than I do now.




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