Tips on Choosing Kris Kringle Gifts

Tips on Choosing Kris Kringle Gifts

I shared with you last year on some tips when buying gifts for Kris Kringle or Secret Santa by sticking to a theme say…a colour in my case, because let’s face it, while it can be fun receiving “novelty” or “joke” gifts, we would rather receive something we can actually use. And vice versa. The point of giving gifts really, is to make the recipient happy. So, how can we keep with the limited budget and still give a gift that will make the recipient happy?

Here are some more tips:

  • Stalking

Ok, I don’t mean stalk them physically, I’m talking about paying attention to what that person likes. This can be pretty easy if you’re working with them. Or have known them for years. And, if you’ve only ever “met” online, I would suggest stalking them on their social media platforms. This is a tip that has been touted as one of the best ways to “stalk” your secret Santa recipient by most bloggers.


  • Get up close and personal

Yes, it sounds a lot like stalking huh? But this time I’m talking about getting up close and personal with THEIR friends. See who they hang out with, and ask them instead. This is if they haven’t got an online presence or if you’re not close to them. Often happens if you happen to be buying for a colleague. Or at times you just need a second opinion, even if you know their style and taste but are on a beer budget. The people they hang out with can be a really handy alliance. 😉


  • When in doubt, stick to stationery

Kikki.K Essentials 3 Pack Notebook

Kikki-K Essential Notebooks 3 Pack rrp$16.95

Most women LOVE stationery, and let’s face it, who doesn’t need another pen, notebook or sticky note (the nice ones of course!) that they can use. Better still, check out some cute quirky stationery or personalise it to make it that little bit more “special”. While keeping with the budget of course.


  • Notable Quotable

posters etsy

**Hemingway Poster from SealTypo rrp$15.50

I love a good quote, something that is memorable, or something that is inspirational. Now, instead of just posting it on our social media networks, we can also get them designed and printed out. A simple solution? Pick a quote you think your recipient can relate to. Preferably either something funny, or something inspirational. Then design it on any of the online graphic sites eg. Picmonkey, save it, and print it out at Officeworks and place it in a shadow box frame, like the ones from IKEA. It’s personal, thoughtful, on budget (or even under!) yet will be immensely appreciated! If you’re not savvy with any of the graphic manipulation programs, then get someone else to do it for you. PrintMilkShakeDesigns does some amazing **customised prints in different sizes to suit the different budgets. **SealTypo is Sydney based, so you might get it a lot sooner and they’ve got a 2 **8 x 10 inch posters for only $25.00 – great value there!


  • Give the gift of shopping with gift cards

Still stuck? I say go the gift card way. Sure it’s not as personal…and let me just say, that this could actually end up being a great gift because at least the person gets to buy what THEY love. But, let’s do this as a last resort when it comes to buying for a colleague. For close friends, it all really depends, most people (like me) prefer a well though-out gift.


Hope that helps you out in some way when sorting out what to get for a Kris Kringle present. Remember, you don’t always have to get chocolates or cheap wine. Be creative and think outside the square!


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