Mood Board Monday: Reflective

Mood Board Monday: Reflective

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I’ve skipped a few Mood Board Monday challenges but this week I’ve decided to continue and add my board for this week’s theme – Reflective.

When you see the word reflective you think – mirrors right? Well, same here but in this case, my mind thinks immediately of mirrored prints – symmetrical prints and patterns that to me symbolises balance and harmony.

At this year’s Melbourne Cup races, I saw quite a lot of ladies sporting dresses with mirrored floral prints. Must be the rage this year. For me it’s a contemporary take on the traditional feminine floral print, making it look more artistic than just a jumble of floral prints put together. On my Mood Board Monday this week, I’m sharing with you the reflective symmetrical prints and patterns that I think are perfect for today’s contemporary style.

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  1. In soft pastel shades, this *simple dress by Seduce is given a really interesting look thanks to the reflective pattern of geometric prints, creating gorgeous diamond shapes at the centre.
  2. Ikat prints are often symmetrical, reflective, repetitive and in this case, I’ve chosen to feature the *smart phone cases with a myriad of colourful Ikat prints.
  3. For those who love skater dresses, this particular *mirrored floral print from Keeper the Label, caught my eye as it reminded me a little bit of the Rorschach patterns – very subtle yet gives the dress a very interesting twist.
  4. Geometric patterns have always been my favourite when it comes to jewellery. In this case, this *Kilim Stack Tribal Patchwork Ring from Samah Designs on Etsy is a definite favourite. Using a mix of materials like acrylic, wood, mirror, gold and silver, the design add yet another meaning to the word reflective thanks to the mirror being used in this piece. Not only is the design symmetrical but gives the geometric shapes an appealing contemporary look.
  5. With a simple dress, all it takes is a nice mix of colours and an interesting print to create an interesting feature. I love how the reflection can go both ways with the print from this *Finders Keepers Simple Life Dress. The print is reflective horizontally and vertically and the vibrant colours just add a nice vibrant feel to the look. Due to the length of the dress, I would be wearing this as a top rather than a dress though. Imagine wearing this with a pair of skinny jeans or a shorter pencil style skirt.
  6. My final pick for this week’s mood board is once again a design from Samah Designs. This time it’s her *Kilim Tribal Style Necklace. Once again it features geometrical shapes stacked to create a 3 dimensional design.

I hope you liked what I’ve shared on my Reflective themed Mood Board this week. Tell me, when you see or hear the word reflective, what comes to mind? Mirrors? Prints?


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