Health Week Series: Gym Essentials

As promised, today’s post is a list of gym essentials, especially if you’re going to the gym BEFORE you head out to work. Besides the usual towel for your workout and towel for after you shower, here are some items that will help you looking and feeling fresh after a workout!


gym essentials

Looks like a lot huh? But really these are what I would bring along if I was to go to the gym right before I head on to work. If you noticed, I left out facial wash and body wash/gel because let’s face it, you would need those after a workout anyway, so no point including those.  Ok so what would I recommend?

  • *Lady Jayne Aztec Collection Hair Ties rrp$9.99

lady jayne Aztec hair ties

This set of colourful hair ties comes with a nifty hook for you to clip onto the inside of your handbag, making it a handy necessity for not only when you’re working out but afterwards when you head for the showers. Why be boring in black, when you can have fun with colours like turquoise, brown, orange and pink!

nivea in shower lotion

If you’re looking for an idiot who doesn’t read the instructions OR the label of the product before using it, then yes, you’re looking at me. I thought at first this was a moisturising body wash. Ummm…nope. It’s actually a body lotion! The difference is, you apply it WHILE you’re showering. What? Yep you read it right. So basically you use your body wash as per normal then rinse off. Instead of drying yourself off and then applying your body lotion, all you do is apply this on your body, rub it in and…WASH OFF! It has a fresh creamy scent and it surprisingly did leave my skin softer – as though I’ve just applied body lotion on my skin. This will eliminate the need for you having to walk out of the shower and having to apply your body lotion naked…yes. How good is that?! Oh by the way, it took this idiot 3 days to realise it’s NOT a body wash. DUH me!

batiste cherry dry shampoo

Why go through the hassle of washing your hair when you’ve got this super quick solution? Dry shampoo! Simply spray at the roots, shake it out, and brush it out. Instant freshness and volume. Which leads me to the next item on the list.

  • *Lady Jayne Aztec Collection Travel Brush rrp$9.99 (available at Priceline & Selected Pharmacies)

lady jayne aztec hairbrush

This compact travel brush is not only handy but it also comes with a mirror on the inside. Great to keep in your handbag or gym makeup bag. I love the colour and how easy it is to flip it up when I need to use it to brush my hair. Plus, the bold, orange shade and Aztec print at the front is definitely a bonus to keep your spirits up. 😉

I have been using the Nivea Invisible roll-on ever since I was given a sample to try 2 years ago. I love that it hasn’t got a strong scent and it doesn’t leave any marks on either dark or light clothing. Too easy really.

Maybelline dream pure bbcream

I know there’s quite a few BB Creams out there and there’s a few that I love, but if you’re looking for something that won’t break your bank and still provide ample coverage, I would go for this Maybelline New York Dream Pure BB Cream. Thanks to my recent Her Fashion Box July delivery, this baby came in the box and I got to try it out. Unlike it’s other “western” BB cream counterparts, this one actually does deliver. It is more than a tinted moisturiser as it covers up most of my blemishes and evens out my skin tone. So cut down your makeup time by applying BB Cream instead of the cumbersome foundation and concealer!

foa hd brow kit

This kit has it all, a brush, brow wax and two different shades to groom your eyebrows. I reviewed this previously and dare I say, you can also double up the colours as your base for your eyes!

clinique eyeshadow

Instead of that full-on eyeshadow, blush makeup look, I would suggest to go for the understated yet fresh look with just a nude base eyeshadow (hence the lighter shade from the HD eyebrow kit) or this one from Clinique. Really a nude shade will do. Then all you need to do is to line your eyes with a reliable liquid eyeliner or eye pencil liner. My favourite is the K-Palette Eye Tattoo or for eye pencils, Benefit BadGal Waterproof eye pencil.

becca beach tint

I featured this on Friday as part of my The Art of Faking It post and have to say this would be my go-to product for my cheeks. Why fuss with blushes and blush brushes when all you need are your fingers. So dab on this gem onto your cheeks for that subtle flush on your cheeks.

1skin solution lip tint

I fell in love with this brand when Raylene sent me some lip balms and tinted lip butters to try. My favourites so far is the Mojito lip balm and when it comes to their lip butter, I have to go for the Strawberry Rose Champagne. The shade is a nice neutral pink, sort of my lips but one better shade, giving me a really simple everyday look.

swisse vitality superfood powder

I’m not one who would normally take supplements or powders of any sort, that was until I was introduced to the Swisse Vitality Superfoods. I did check the ingredients and seeing that they had no added preservatives and are 100% natural I thought why not. The Vitality Superfood Powder is great for producing that much needed energy and give you a boost after working out. How I normally take this is by sprinkling a teaspoon into my muesli, but I’ve also had this mixed in just water before. So what I would do is, prepare this the night before, with warm water so that the powder will dissolve easily, then put the bottle in the fridge, ready to pack into your gym bag. Once you get to the gym, you can either ask the reception to help keep it cold for you in their fridge or you can have it at room temperature when it’s kept in your bag. Drink this on the way to work, for that added boost of energy. The berry flavour doesn’t hurt either 😉


What do you think of my list? What do you normally bring to the gym if you go before work?


*All those marked with an * have been provided for consideration in accordance with the site’s disclosure policy. All comments are my own. 



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  • kerker says:

    The only stuff I bring to the gym is my bottle, towel and gloves. I never bring toiletries because I can’t shower at the gym. I have a fear of showering in public places lol

    • Peta says:

      Ahhh I can’t shower at the gym either! I’m too scared. But then I can’t ever go before work either, I’m too hopeless and need my sleep.

      You’re so organised!

      • Norlin says:

        LOL ladies, I totally get what you mean about showering in public, especially when the only thing that’s “sheltering” you is that flimsy shower screen! When I was working outside of the home, I usually go to the gym after work and even if I did go before, I am lucky enough to be able to rush home and shower.

        Gloves…can you believe that I bought a pair, but have yet to use them? Am too embarrassed to use them. Why? I don’t want people to think that I’m a poser wearing gloves but using not-so-heavy weights! LOL! Stupid I know. Even my trainer told me to bring them in. I’ve got callouses on my left palm now. Only the left one weirdly!! Go figure!

  • […] shared how awesome this product is last year, in my Gym Essentials. I just wished they also had a smaller, travel size option. My usual routine after having a shower […]

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