The Truth About Serums

When I was in my teenage years, the kind of skincare products I use were the simple foam cleanser, toner and some light moisturiser. Not wearing any sort of makeup also meant that I only got the odd pimple – as in once in a few months and only that one large one, so my skincare routine was pretty much cut and dry – cleans, tone and moisturise. It wasn’t until I got a bit older that I added the monthly facials into my skincare routine, also thanks to the fact that my best friend was a beautician, so I got my discounted facials from her. Still, my skincare routine didn’t change, even though the products I used did change and yes, ended up costing just a tad bit more than the drugstore cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

I was in my “cleanse, tone and moisturise” bubble for quite a while until I reached late 20s, where the consultant started telling me that I needed different sort of moisturisers for day and night. That was easy enough – day cream with SPF and other “goodness” to protect and night cream to repair and replenish. In my early 30s, I was then advised to change the type of cleanser I used AND the type of day cream. Who knew that growing older meant I needed to change my skincare products?! This was also the time that I started to venture into blogging about beauty and came to learn about more new products that are on the market that help our skin. The words jojoba oil, rosehip oil and serums became the new buzz words for me. And yes, while it did open up my eyes to new things that were there ages ago, it did sort of confuse me at times.

I know now when and what the uses of these oils are for, but what about serums? What are they? What age should you start using them? Do you really need serums in your skincare routine? Here’s the lowdown on serums.


What are serums? 

According to L’Oréal Paris National Education Manager, Bronwyn Fraser,

“Serums are formulated to provide additional skin care benefits by giving our skin an extra ‘boost’ of the active ingredients.”

How are serums different from your day or night moisturisers? 

Their formulation is different to a moisturiser as they contain a higher concentration of the active ingredients.

When do you apply serums? 

They should always be applied/layered underneath the compatible moisturiser, as their texture is finer/more fluid and the skin will receive optimal benefits by applying it first.

How do pick the right serum for your skin? 

Most serums are formulated to target specific skin concerns.

Here’s where it can get pretty confusing because there are a lot of different serums out there. The ones I’ve tried so far are :

  • *The Jojoba Company’s Absolute Serum 30ml rrp$69.95 – perfect for those looking to reduce visible signs of lines and wrinkles as well as firm up their skin.
  • L’Oreal Youth Code Super Concentrated Serum 30ml $39.95 – great in helping the skin repair itself against the elements, as well as giving you a more luminous skin. It also helps to give your skin that lovely radiance by evening out your skintone and reducing signs of fatigue.
  • *Lancome Advanced Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate 20ml $55, 30ml $88, 50ml $125, 75ml $170 – designed to target both visual and tactile areas of the skin, meaning not just targeting fine lines, wrinkles, radiance, clarity and evenness, but the texture, resiliency, skintone, firmness and elasticity.

That’s just me scratching the surface. So you really need to do your research and find one that targets the main concerns you have for your skin.

What age should you start using serums and how often should you apply it? 

The average age to begin using them is around 25, and they can be applied both day and evening or once daily.

If you’re in your early 20s, I’d suggest to start investing in a good serum that’s just right for your skin. My personal favourites? The L’Oreal Youth Code and when I feel like splurging on myself; Lancome Genefique. I also apply L’Oreal Youth Code Luminosity Day Serum before applying my day cream during the day. While I love Lancome Advanced Genefique, having tried out the samples that were given to me by the sales assistant when I bought the Lancome Visionnaire, it’s something that I consider a splurge, as the L’Oreal Youth Code does a similar job and is only half the price of Lancome. One thing to note though, Lancome has recently launched their Advanced Genefique with a formula that has 40% more active ingredients, so it’s definitely worth trying that out.

Are these serums just another gimmick targeting your insecurities?

I would love to say yes to appease your hip pockets, but honestly, I have tried using serums and then stopped using them. Did I notice any difference? Yes. When I started reintroducing a serum into my daily skincare routine, my skin tone started evening out and the texture did improve over a few weeks. So this is one thing I would not be taking out of my skincare regime.

Do bear in mind though, it’s not just what you put on your skin, but also how you cleanse your skin that helps with the absorption of these serums and creams. Daily cleansing (not just using wipes), and exfoliating to remove dead skin cells at least once a week is a must for your skin to be able to absorb the goodness from any serum or creams.


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  • emmabovary says:

    Great skincare tips, especially the importance of a proper (non wipes) cleanse regularly. I’ve found that that in itself has made a great difference to my skin, and I do love a good serum for a hit of goodness to the skin 🙂

    • baublesb says:

      Yes! The only time I ever use wipes is when I’m super lazy, then I feel guilty! GAH! So now, I just do the whole long-winded way of removing makeup because, it helps with keeping the skin clean!

  • Great tips, as always Norlin! I have never used a serum so I found this article really interesting. I will definitely look into including one in my skin care routine.

    • baublesb says:

      Glad to be of help Sarah. Hope this demystifies what a serum actually does for a lot of people. I know it opened my eyes to its benefits only very recently. Wished I had learnt of their benefits much earlier.

  • iam using TBS moisture white shiso serum and iam loving it 🙂

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