Update on My Jewellery Storage Solution

I posted sometime last year on how I store my jewellery and beauty collection…and as I run back to see which dates, I’m not surprised to see it’s about the same time – May & June that I posted it – must be the time for it! Anyway, my fashion jewellery collection has grown since then, not surprisingly either, and I really needed another jewellery storage solution so that I can actually see what I have and get to wear them!

While the hooks behind the door of my wardrobe was a fab idea, I needed more space. The necklaces were starting to get all tangled up and the hooks just can’t handle the chunkier necklaces.  The compartments in the Skubb box from Ikea just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I couldn’t really see what rings I had, and it was starting to get really messy too.

I remembered this cabinet I saw somewhere, which would make an ideal jewellery storage solution, complete with a mirror at the front. I thought, that could be my birthday present from Mr. C this year!

mirror jewellery storage

You see, Mr. C and I normally just tell each other what we want for our birthdays, within the budget that we set for each other of course. That way we both get what we want and we’re both happy. No disgruntled spouses wishing the other could read one’s minds…because let’s face it, unless you’ve got some super powers, nobody can read your mind! Anyway, I asked on twitter and Facebook if anyone knew where I could get this in Melbourne.  Have I told you how much I love social media? The response was immediate! But mostly, I could get that on Ebay. Sigh..I wanted something I can take home right away. And then, I remembered I had the Alex unit that I bought from IKEA a few years ago that I had used to store the jewellery for my online store previously. The idea bug hit me! I might as well move that stock to another location – the shelves in my “sewing room” and move those shelves upstairs to the bedroom and get myself a bedside table/drawers for my birthday instead. Smart right! And so I did!

jewellery storage solution

Now the Alex unit sits next to my bedroom window, and my fashion jewellery are properly stowed away, where I can see what I have. I placed my jewellery tree – again something I’ve had in storage but hadn’t used – at the top, along with a small mirror.

Some necklaces are still hanging at the back of my wardrobe door and the Skubb now houses some of my beauty products. I have also re-organised my nail polish collection courtesy of Miss 11 who so nicely volunteered to organise them according to colours. Miss 11 is now thinking of making me a brush holder. Yes my own little DIY nymph.

Ahh…bliss…my world is sort of better organised now. Next I have to tackle that lot underneath my vanity. Mr. C has been complaining about the “collection” I’ve got underneath there and yes, I will get to that, once I finish putting together the Micke from IKEA. 😉




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  • Looks great, a bonus they won’t get dusty. Mine is an absolute mess, I have things on jewelry trees, painted mug holders , a cork board and a pasta drying tree hahaha!

    • baublesb says:

      I’m kinda glad my brain had a light bulb moment when I realised I already had unit I could use! The Skubb was getting out of hand, as I just threw stuff in there and end up not wearing most of my stuff because I couldn’t find them!

  • My jewellery storage is a mess! But oh well, limited space so just have to make do until I move.

    This looks pretty fabulous!

  • Peta says:

    I’m actually freaking out a bit, as I’m moving in with the boy in Sept to his very small 1 bedroom apartment. Where is all my make up going to go?! Ughhhh.

    I think I have to go to Ikea and try and get inspiration from their 53 square apartment showroom or something. The Micke looks nice… I like the white and birch effect.

    • baublesb says:

      Yes! Go check out IKEA!! Confession? I think 90% of the stuff in our bedroom and ensuite belongs to me. I think you need to warn your boy too. It’s just the way it is hehehehe….

  • Suzie says:

    Looks good. Wish I had space to reorganise my jewellery, it’s all stuck in a box…not that I ever remember to wear any

  • emmabovary says:

    Lookin’ good Norlin! I can’t wait to get an Alex, but I will be storing all of my makeup in it. Still have to find storage ideas for my jewellery darn it!

    • baublesb says:

      Thanks Emma. Honestly, it was either to store my makeup and beauty stuff or my jewellery. Then decided, I can still keep some of my beauty stuff in this other unit…again from IKEA, I think I should get a stake in them as my bedroom is furnished with IKEA stuff!

  • B says:

    Very clever! What a great way to store your pretty things!

  • Jen W says:

    That looks brilliant! My jewellery organisation is in a sad state.

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