Fashion Day – All Black With Little Accents

Fashion Day – All Black With Little Accents

I would love to use the label that being a Melbournian means I wear black – A LOT. But, really, I’ve always been a huge fan of wearing black. That is until recently where you’ve seen me inject colour into my wardrobe. It was frightening but the results speaks volumes I guess. Colours make you happy, you feel happy when you see bold colours on yourself. It’s a psychological thing. Whereas black, just seem to ooze dark, and well, death? But, having said that I still do love my all black ensembles. They are easy, they give you that nice streamlined look – sometimes. All I have to do is throw on my black basics and off I go.

The next step to coming out of my “black” shell was to add patterns. Aha, another thing that actually scares a lot of people. Me included. My tip? Start small, start with accessories, like a scarf. Then you can go on to bigger and better things like jackets, jumpers and cardigans and also shirts. And then you can venture onto pants and skirts.

Working from home means I normally would rather have something quick and easy to have on, but still not look drab. So how do you add some accents to lift up your all black ensemble? Here I’ve gone with the *longline cardigan I got last year from Sussan. It’s got a black and cream pattern on to give the whole cardigan some texture. The draped collar gives a nice movement to an otherwise straight up-and-down outfit. Wear it over my black Cotton On t-shirt and Sussan’s *black jeggings. Remember the booties I embellished on Tuesday? Well, I’ve worn it with this ensemble.

all black looking down all black front on

Not bad right? It’s like a “hidden treasure” of some sort, giving your whole look a slight metallic feature. Plus the mixed metal necklace I’ve got on. Simple, yet still giving your whole look a nice mix of textures.

studded shoes

Are you like me, a chick that loves wearing all black? Well, start venturing out. For more ideas on how to add colour to your all black ensemble, check out Kim-Marie’s post. Or check out Belinda’s from BBeing Coolwhere she asks a panel of bloggers (me included) on how to add colour to an otherwise monotone wardrobe.


*Items marked with an * were purchased with gift vouchers that were gifted in a previous post. All comments are my own. 



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