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It’s that time of the week again where I share with you some fashion & beauty tips and tricks, this time for beauty, I’ve got tips for maintaining gorgeous nails and some easy-to-follow tips on getting an amazing manicure at home. With fashion, I’ll be unveiling the DIY deco for my shoes that I decided to do from last week’s inspiration.


  • Getting gorgeous cuticles

The trick to getting amazingly gorgeous cuticles is…NOT TO CUT THEM OFF! I know when you go to a nail salon, most manicurists would cut off your cuticles. Well, next time you go for that appointment, let them know that you’d rather them PUSH the cuticles back.

kit cuticle oil images

If you’re doing this at home, simply use a cuticle oil – I love the one from Kit Cosmetics – then simply push it back with an orange stick. In most cases, you don’t even need to do this. I know I don’t usually push my cuticles because my cuticles would soften after applying some cuticle oil.

  • DO NOT Over-buff your nails

You don’t need to buff your nails until it’s super shiny. I used to do this, but what I didn’t realise was that it makes your nails thinner. Instead, just buff until it’s “just nice”, meaning smooth enough with no ridges, so that your nail polish glides on easily.

  • File your nails in ONE DIRECTION only

glass nail file

Filing your nails in one direction will actually give it a nicer smoother finish and won’t damage your nails either. I also recommend using a glass nail file rather than an emery board. Remember your nails are pretty fragile, so using a hard emery board would only make the edges raw and brittle.

  • Always apply a base coat

Another tip I’ve learnt is to always apply a base coat. This not only helps protect your nails but acts like a shield so that the colours do not end up staining your nails after application. My favourite base coats so far are from Sally Hansen – the Diamond Shine and the Double Duty.

  • Always paint your dominant hand first

You know how when you paint your nails one hand always ends up looking better than the other? And it’s usually the hand that you don’t use to write with?  That’s your non-dominant hand. Your dominant hand is the one you use predominantly when you’re writing. So if you’re right handed, paint your right hand FIRST because it’s a lot harder to paint and so you can fix it before painting your non-dominant hand. If you’re ambidextrous, then I guess you’re one lucky lady!

  • Clean up with a fine brush

clean edges with a brush

Mucked up the fingernail you’ve just painted? Don’t fret, simply use a thin brush, dip into some nail polish remover and fix it! Clean up the sides easily with this step, something I’ve picked up from So Nailicious E-Book


And here’s what I decided to do with my shoes. I love the idea of studs but didn’t want to over-do it. So, instead of putting it all over the back of my boots, I’ve decided to place the studs on the perimeter at the back. Plus it’s a lot easier to follow the stitching as my guide when placing the studs.

 steps for embellished shoes

Step 1

Choose the shoes you want to decorate. I’ve decided to decorate my black suedette booties that Miss 11 also have an exact same pair of. Just because a) they look plain and boring b) they’re cheap to begin with so won’t hurt my heart if I mess up c) so I KNOW it’s mine because they are the same size as Miss 11’s!

Step 2

Pick the type of studs you want to use for your shoes. I went to Lincraft in search of some decorative studs only to find these brads that were made for card-making and scrapbooking.

Step 3

Place the studs where you want them to be WITHOUT tacking them on permanently. This is to give you an idea of how they would look once they’re on. Just a note, I used an unpicker to poke the holes to insert the brads. Let’s just say it worked fine at first but later broke! So I used a pair of scissors with a sharp point to poke the holes afterwards.

Step 4

Ta da! All done! I would have preferred to use hot glue gun had I found studs with a flat back. It would have been quicker and easier. I get bored easily so you can imagine how glad I was to finish one side and then get on with the other! But, I LOVE the end result and I dare say it looks pretty spunky! 😉




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A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!

  • Raina says:

    Thanks for doing the studs! So Lincraft is where i would visit this weekend 😀

  • Vita says:

    I follow just about all of your manicure tips except for the last. I don’t do cleanup – I just try to be extra careful when applying the polish and don’t take it right up to the cuticle. Great post as always!:)

  • This is so great! Messing up your nails is just a hassle, and like Vita said, I pretty much follow all your rules. Also, I think revamping some of your old accessories is a fantastic idea. Those booties look fantastic!

  • Jo-Anne Wizz says:

    I say to you WELL DONE!! <3 I use scissors as well to make holes but you should've used a safety pin those really big ones to make your hole. I wouldn't have done it myself. 🙁 I too get bored easily but i like completing things that i start! B-) Well satisfied. Good on you, very proud of your acheivement! O:-) <3 … Cheers!

  • Great post, I normally do my non-dominant hand first, though, it doesn’t make much difference to me. 🙂

    I LOVE the studs, the shoes look terrific!

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