10 Ways To Chill Out

10 Ways To Chill Out

Chilling out – seems like an easy concept yeah? But most of us can’t seem to find the time to chill out and relax. Hard especially when we have so much to do! I know, I’m in that boat too. But then it got me thinking, all this running around, doing so many things, or rather trying to fit in so many things into our lives can actually wear our body down. And really chilling out doesn’t necessarily mean you need a whole hour (although that wouldn’t hurt) and in most cases, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to chill out.

Here are some easy ways to chill out.

  • Read something – this is MY top thing to do to chill out. I get to turn off everything that happens in the world and just read. Even if it’s for a few minutes a day. Sometimes I do this when I’m eating my breakfast or lunch. Quick, easy and inexpensive.
  • Go for a walk – When the going gets tough, go for a walk. Yes, the weather has started to get really chilly but, rug up, no more excuses and even a 15 minute walk around the block with your umbrella and raincoat can chase the blues away.
  • Listen to some music – Plug in your earphones, tune in to your favourite songs and zone out.
  • Dance the time away – At home? All alone? Here’s what I sometimes do…shut the blinds so that my neighbours can’t see me, turn up my favourite dance music and boogie! Yeah! And it’s even more fun when you’re doing it with your kids. But remember…pull the blinds down. Once I had totally forgotten to do that, started bopping with Master 7 who was then about 4 only to turn around and realise my neighbour was outside and could see what I was doing! Eek!

smiling minds

  • Meditate – When the going gets tough and you need to take a breather what do you do? Breathe. Sounds easy enough but not all of us can just shut out our anxiety and relax. Thanks to some free apps (and seeing that most of us are so in tuned with our smart phones) you can now learn how to meditate! Even a 5 -10 minute session, at your desk is enough to calm the mind and give you a quick chill-out session. One app is Smiling Mind. It’s free, and while it’s designed for the youth and adolescents, I think it can apply to everyone. It’s easy to follow and have different sessions with an evaluation form that you can share how you feel after each session. You can even set a reminder for your next meditation session.

higher living teas


  • Have a cuppa – Another thing that helps me chill out is a nice cup of coffee or tea. If it’s after 3pm then I normally pick tea – caffeine free of course. The ones by *Higher Living Teas that I recently discovered thanks to my attendance at the recent Kids Business Bloggers Brunch. It comes in 5 flavours, Licorice, Cinnamon, Ginger Kick, Evening and Vitality. My favourite surprisingly is Licorice, especially seeing that I’m not usually a fan of licorice and not surprisingly Cinnamon especially in this colder weather.
  • Get Groomed – Ok you will need to actually get out of the house for this, but, it’s well worth the time and effort. Something that I thoroughly enjoy doing is getting my hair done, or if I have the funds, a massage at a spa or a facial. Or even if you need a quick massage, you know those Chinese massage places in shopping centres? Well, they are cheap and they are good. I’ve gone to one of them when I was in deep need of a good massage without the frills. A quick neck massage sometimes is all you need, or even a hand or feet massage even!
  • Doing Your Own Manicure – I used to hate doing my own manicure because I was so crap at it. Seriously bad at it. But, after much practice and some tips that are so easy to follow (more on that tomorrow!) , I’ve grown to LOVE doing my own manicure. It really is pretty therapeutic, I kid you not. Make sure you’ve gone to the toilet beforehand though, because there’s nothing like having freshly painted nails and then needing to pee!
  • Watch a movie or boxed series – My friend Rebecca recommends watching a good movie, with a good coffee or mocha and a snack to chill out. I definitely agree with her. Or, if you’ve got that box series that you need to catch up on before the new series starts – best way ever to chill out! Oh, that reminds me I need to watch last season’s Offspring to prepare me for the new season that starts this Wednesday!
  • Taking a long warm shower or bath – Another one of life’s simple pleasures. A long warm shower always relaxes me especially when I’ve had a hard day. Unwinds the knots and just calm me down and with the right shower products, it can also help relax me.

Those were my 10 ways to chill out – what’s yours?


 *Items marked with an * were part of a goody bag. All comments are my own. 



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