Can Brad Pitt Save Us from World War Z?

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Imagine this: You wake up to another ordinary day. You go about doing what you normally do, and add Brad Pitt to the mix. As in he’s your hubby (sorry Angelina, we’re playing a hypothetical game here you can have him back in a few seconds), and he’s helping you out, going about your day-to-day activity in the morning. He drives the family to work and then…..

Things start going crazy. A pandemic has hit the WORLD and because he works for the United Nations, he is suddenly thrown into this frenzy of helping save the world from this pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatens to decimate all of humanity. Scary? Definitely! This is what World War Z is all about and Pitt stars as the “hero”, Gerry Lane (but of course!).
Check out the trailer to give you a sneak peek of what the movie is all about.

It might seem as a surprise to you that this chick who loves beauty, fashion and all things beautiful, plus reading romance novels, I actually do enjoy that odd “save the world”, war, destruction type of movies. Yeah I actually do. Ask Mr. C.  I guess it all started from watching Bruce Willis in his series of Die Hard movies. It’s a great way of checking out of the real world and delve into the world of “what ifs”.

This will be the first time I’ll encounter Brad Pitt playing a family man. Will he be playing himself, thanks to the many children he has accumulated with Angelina? Pitt’s acting started to appeal to me when I saw him in Fight Club. Truth be told, his “good looks” as many women would have been attracted to, didn’t capture my attention when he first broke out as an actor. Fight Club for me, showed me that this guy could actually act. Then came the Ocean’s movie series. Yes this man could indeed act. And then the movie that made me think, “Hmm…he’s quite sexy this guy”, was Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the movie that threw him and Angelina into “happily ever after”.

So it’ll be interesting to see him play a different role – family man, who saves the world. If you’re interested to check out his new role, or him for that matter, World War Z plays at the movies from June 20th 2013. So, be sure to check that into your calendar!



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  • Trish says:

    It looks very intense and I am interested .
    Great review.

  • Alyce says:

    Tooootally not into his beard, but I do like Brad Pitt’s movies. He’s hilarious in Oceans!

  • I don’t think he’s that good looking either, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this movie. It looks quite interesting and I do enjoy watching different types of things from time to time. 🙂

  • emmabovary says:

    He doesn’t really do it for me looks wise, but he is my best friends dream man ;P I love his acting, once I saw him in Benjamin Button and Inglourious B’s I became a huge fan, he is such a wonderful actor. Will be heading to see this now, Chris and I love these sorts of films and I hadn’t heard of it before this post. Thanks Norlin!

    • baublesb says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only who doesn’t dig Brad’s looks! To each “her” own I guess 😉 hahahha…His acting has definitely come a long way, which is why I wouldn’t mind watching this World War Z!

  • Yay!!!!!! I saw the preview of this film and I’m thinking that I need to see it!!! Now you’ve reminded me to put it to the top of my list, thank you!!!!

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