Fashion & Beauty Tips & Tricks – It’s All About the Eyes

Last week it was the lips, this week I’m focusing on the eyes. Not on purpose I swear.  It just so happened I had collated these list of handy beauty tips and thought, why not break them up. Handy right?

  • Quick cleansing

You know how sometimes (ok for me most of the time) you draw up your eyeline and one eye just doesn’t look right? A quick tip I learnt from Rae Morris was to use some cotton buds and moisturiser. And yes, I tried and tested this tip this very morning. Usually I use the Bioderma Crealine H2O with a cotton bud to fix up any mistakes I’ve made, but this time I tried using moisturiser instead. You only need a teeny tiny bit really. Dip one end of your cotton bud into some moisturiser, or you can squirt some onto the back of your hand and swipe the cotton bud with it. Then simple wipe that bit you want fixed. Not only is a cotton bud easier to get to the teeny tiny places you want cleansed but, the moisturiser is gentle, which means no rubbing unnecessarily to get the bit you want off!

cleaning with moisturiser


  • Going out of your comfort zone with eyeliners without really venturing too far out

Confused yet? Hands up those of you who normally line their eyes with black eyeliner. *Me* Yes, me too. That and brown for me actually. I used to wear blue eyeliner during my teenage years. Simple eyeliner on the bottom eyeline. That’s it. No mascara, no powder, just that. Well I was 16 then and even then I had to hide it from my parents. Then having had some confidence with make-up – some, not much – I ventured to using liquid eyeliner. Black of course. And never looked back. It wasn’t until recently that I dabbled with the blues, greens and purples when it came to eyeliners. Was it hard? Not really. You just need to get used to it. But, if you’re not willing to venture out too far from the classic black eyeliner (be it with pencil or liquid), try these shades instead:

  • Navy – it’s the closest thing to black but still provides a teeny tiny bit of difference.
  • Charcoal – again, same family as black but is slightly lighter, giving you a different look.
  • Brown – perfect for blue eyes when lined on the bottom eyeline. Makes your eye colour pop a little more.

coloured eyeliners

  • Creating Strong Eyebrows

I saw this tip over at The Beauty Department. This site has got some amazingly great tips on beauty and hair. One of my “online beauty bibles” I must admit! Want that stronger looking set of eyebrows? Yes, apparently it’s all the rage right now, even though I’m not too game to try this out for the risk of looking like an angry Angus. Is there such a term? Sorry, no offence to anyone named Angus, just reminded me of that Hungry Jack’s Ad!

Here’s how you get those strong brows:

strong eyebrows tutorial

Step 1

Using a matte eyeshadow shade, pick a dark shade – preferably one close to your eyebrow shade. Or brown. If you’re blonde, I’m guessing something in an earthy brown shade so that your brows don’t stand out too much. For the purpose of this demonstration, I’ve used the Face of Australia’s HD Eyebrow kit, by picking the darker shade of brown, just because I haven’t got a matte eyeshadow in a colour that suits my eyebrows.

Step 2

With a stiff angled brow brush, wet the tip and then dip into the matte eyeshadow. Remember to dab a little onto the back of your hand so that you don’t end up with clumps of colour on your eyebrow.

Step 3

Fill in your eyebrows.

Step 4

Clean up any stray spots with a cotton bud. See, cotton buds are such a great investment I tell you. And yes, use that first tip I shared – dip it into some moisturiser and then wipe off.

strong eyebrows

This week’s fashion tip? I haven’t found any new tips but there is one DIY inspiration that I would love to try, especially seeing that I have so many shoes!

Image Source: I Spy DIY - chain straps
Image Source: I Spy DIY – chain straps
Image Source from: I Spy DIY - neon ankle straps
Image Source from: I Spy DIY – neon ankle straps
Image Source from: I Spy DIY - studs on shoes
Image Source from: I Spy DIY – studs on shoes

All of these inspiration from I Spy DIY.  Loved how she’s managed to create a number of different looks for a simple pair of flats. There’s the chain ankle straps, the neon ankle straps and decorating your flats with some studs! Not sure yet which one I’ll end up trying. Stay tuned next week!





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