The Thing I’m Most Afraid Of

The Thing I’m Most Afraid Of


Day 7 of Blog Every Day in May challenge and I have to share the thing(s) I’m most afraid of. There are just so many things out that that I’m fearful of. I can choose spiders, heights, losing my family, but, I think the one that takes the cake really is…Death. Not physically dying but death of my mind.

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The mind is such an amazing thing isn’t it. You can be a paraplegic, but thanks to a functioning mind you can still work other ways. I think it’s one of the most important organs in our body. I depend a lot on my brain, the thinking, that leads to the feeling and the functioning. The creativity that stems from a thinking, functioning brain is what fuels my passion for writing, creating and simply to function as a happy, satisfied person.

I’ve seen someone close to me have to take medication no thanks to her mental condition. She hates it but she needs it or risk a relapse. But I can see why she hates it. It makes her numb, kills her creativity, she can’t think clearly because everything is just quiet and stagnant. I feel for her. Yet she needs the meds to function. So should she choose something she needs or something that she wants in order to function, because whatever choice she makes can cause her to stop functioning smoothly. Catch 22 situation.

Then another person who is close to me lost the full function of her brain due to a brain aneurysm. She used to be in a high paid occupation with what I would say an amazing career. Now, she can’t even remember what happened 2 minutes ago. She can’t think straight, she can’t function on her own. She can’t work. Her feelings are all over the place. And sadly deep down inside I don’t think things are going to change.

So now you see why the “death” of the functioning of my brain is my greatest fear? Sometimes we want so much out of life that we overlook the simplest pleasures of life – a functioning brain. The organ that helps us think, feel and experience life to the fullest.




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  • Trish says:

    Yes, I think I fear that too , having experienced a little chemo brain I can relate to this a lot,
    I am sorry to hear about your friends, so hard the different demons we face on a daily basis.

  • Kirsty says:

    I’ve seen this happen to my grandma, and its so sad to see them forget who you are, and forget their own husband 🙁 I pray this is a condition that never effects me

  • Mike says:

    I can relate to the fear you have about the mind not being as sharp as it used to be. It is so hard to have people you are close to go through things like that. A real wakeup call.

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