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It’s no secret, well, you can see it on my goodreads bar on the right that I am a HUGE fan of romance novels. Be it the young adult novels, adult romance, period romance and contemporary romance, you name it, I LOVE it! I think I started reading romance novels when I was about 9, yeah a little young I know, but let me explain why. You see, I spent a lot of time with my foster grandmother, who really was my neighbour who helped babysit me while my parents were at work. The grandchildren who were living with her were much older than I was. One just started high school and the other was in Grade 6. I was into reading at a very young age thanks to my mum being a librarian, so it was no surprise to have my curiosity piqued at the books they were reading. Remember the “Sweet Dreams” series? Yeah, LOVED those. I had to hide them from my dad because I knew they were a bit too mature for a 9 year old. But from there, my love for romance novels grew. As I grew older, my mum introduced me to Victoria Holt, Catherine Cookson and even Danielle Steel. I was by then in high school of course. Which is why when my dearest friend Leigh Bennett asked me if I would read her self-published contemporary romance novel I immediately jumped at the chance. Plus she’s been stalking my Goodreads so knew I would snap up the chance in a heartbeat.

flirting with magick

This is Leigh Bennett‘s first contemporary romance novel, set in Australia. It’s a simple story of the main character, Abby breaking up with the love of her life, and trying to find herself not just from finding someone new, but even in her work life. She does dabble in a little bit of hocus pocus, to “help” her along and sometimes it does go her way, and at other times….welll….

This journey of self discovery is filled with chance meetings, planned meetings and well, lots of situations that would not just make Abby wonder about her love life, but you too if you were in her position. Just to whet your appetite, I’ll share an excerpt of the book, “Flirting with Magick” by Leigh Bennett with you.

His familiar silhouette was in the window. Typical, just like Josh to sit where he could see me coming. As I had expected, and before I could change my mind, he looked up and saw me, giving me a wave. I felt his eyes on me as I entered the cafe, his gaze turning to trepidation as I approached the table. He stood up, placing an awkward kiss on my cheek, and politely offered me the other seat.

“Thanks for coming, Abs.” He said shyly, now hardly looking at me, before clearing his throat. “How are you?”

“I’m fine.” I caught my voice losing the confident abruptness I’d been practicing. I signaled to the waiter and ordered a latte – something that could be finished quickly so I could get out of there. I wasn’t about to indulge in any long, friendly breakfasts with Josh.

His eyes were red rimmed with grey bags underneath, as though he hadn’t had much sleep in some time. He took a deep breath and I prepared myself for his speech.

“I’m really sorry, Abby, for leaving like that.” He swallowed. “I’m not going to expect you to take me back, but I will do anything to make it up to you.”

I quickly took his pause to speak. “You never told me why you left.”

He looked down into his cup before meeting my eyes again. “I got scared. And this opportunity came up and I just took it.”

“Scared?” I didn’t understand. “Scared of what? Of me? Of us?”

“All that.” He took a sip of his espresso and appeared to relax, now that it was clear I wasn’t going to cause a scene or throw my drink in his face.

I sucked in my breath. Here he was right in front of me and I was beginning to feel the way I had been dreading. I’d missed the way he looked at me; the way his hair stood up, reminding me of how I used to run my hand along it; his broad shoulders carrying his muscular arms, which used to hold me as we lay in bed together. One look at him and, frustratingly, all my fantasies about yelling at him and telling him I never wanted to see him again had dissipated into the electrically charged air between us. I tried not to look at him, as each time I stole a glance all my emotions were in danger of brimming to the surface. Thankfully he took my lack of eye contact for contempt.

“I meant it when I said I still loved you.” His voice was as low as his gaze.

“I’m seeing someone.” I blurted out.

“I was wondering about that.” He said calmly, though a wounded expression flashed briefly across his face. “I kind of expected that you probably were by now, and that I’d be too late.”

You can purchase her book either on Amazon, Amazon UK and Smashwords


Stay tuned when I interview my dearest friend Leigh Bennett on Wednesday!



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