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I promised you last week that I would have lots of beauty tips that I had just picked up recently thanks to last weekend’s “Beauty Workshop” frenzy. Yes, that’s a term I coined myself because I had 2 days, back-to-back of beauty workshops so if I didn’t pick anything up then, I would definitely be considered a doofus!

Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) & Marie Claire Beauty Workshop, starring one of the make-up gurus, Rae Morris. If you were following me on twitter, you would have seen the slew of tweets or more like tips, I shared. That’s actually more like note taking for myself really, but thought it would be helpful for any of those who might already know the tips I shared. It’s funny how much tips I picked on up on ways to look younger with make-up when I remember wanting to look older so that I could get into a club while being under-aged when I was younger! Strange how the tables have turned. Ok, I’ll get right on to it!

  • Even-out your skin tone

When we age, the first thing you would notice is your skin tone. It sadly won’t be even and you’ll notice that your skin starts to look a little sallow too. So the solution is to make sure that you even-out your skin tone. To do this, make sure you find the right shade of foundation, and this is done by applying it somewhere near the side of your face NOT on the back of your hand. And it has to match your neck and chest area too.

  • What comes first? Foundation or concealer?

This is the age old question and time and again I get a few different answers but the most common one is definitely, applying the foundation first and then followed by covering up your blemishes with the concealer. With concealer here are a few tips. To conceal underneath your eyes, choose shades that brighten the under eye area – not so much that you look like a reverse racoon. Not sure what that means? Nicole from The Beauty Page can clear that up with this post. Then to cover up blemishes, choose a shade that matches your skin tone exactly.

  • Lift, lift, lift!

What does that mean? Instead of dragging your eyeshadow colours DOWN, lift it up. Apply it so that your eyeshadow is above or parallel to the highest point of your eyes. Not sure what that means? I think I’m going to have to do a demo via video. Soon my lovelies…soon…

The same goes when applying eyeliner to the bottom part of your eyes. Instead of going DOWN to the shape of your eye, go STRAIGHT. Again, I’ll do a demo soon.

Same with blush, apply UPWARDS just underneath your cheekbones. DO NOT smile as you’re applying because when you don’t smile, you will find that the colour “drops” underneath your cheeks and not end up ON your cheeks!

  • Volume or Lengthen? 

Sometimes it can be rather confusing when it comes to mascara. Should you add volume or should you add length. Rae recommends lengthening your lashes during the day to avoid giving off shadows underneath your eyes, which is what a volumising mascara would do. For night, yes, by all means add volume for that va va voom look!

  • Frame your face

Remember how I told you that having well defined eyebrows help to frame the face? Well, it also depends on WHERE your eyebrow starts too. The further away from your nose, the larger your nose looks. Seriously. See the photo below. First image is when the sticks are far apart – see how much larger the space is? It also makes the bridge of my nose look wider.

eyebrows wide


Then this next photo is when the brows are slightly closer making my nose look higher and sharper.

eyebrows close


  • Shimmer or Matte?

With eyeshadows, the older you get the better it is to AVOID wearing shades that have a lot of shimmer on them. Try sticking to a more matte finish instead. Or at least wear MINIMAL shimmer on your lids.


I’ve got more to share but I think I’ll leave it for now. Next week I’ll include some tips I picked up from Dean Nixon of Master Make-up too! Stay tuned!



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A mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!

  • Nico says:

    Love this post! Thanks for linking me! The trick with the eyebrows is so great. It really does work! I love so many of Rae’s tricks- I also love that she shares them 🙂

    • baublesb says:

      She was so good sharing so many tips! What I found was a bit weird though was the fact that she emphasised on avoiding colours with glitter yet the new L’Oreal eyeshadow palettes had some shimmer to them. Hmmm…

  • Larissa says:

    These are great tips Norlin! Especially the foundation and concealer!

    • baublesb says:

      Thanks Larissa, the thing is, people often get confused. See, if you apply your concealer first you’ll just end up wiping it away when you apply the foundation over it.

  • Thank you for putting so much importance to the brows! Any woman can have a beautiful frame if she exhibits her features in the right way, we are all beautiful! This is what we do ALL day at @playbrowbar, rock brows!!!

    • baublesb says:

      So many people seem to forget that. It is so true! Without properly groomed eyebrows, all other work that you might have done to your face – as in make-up wise – is sort of not worth the time right!

  • Cyndie says:

    Thanks for the tips Norlin. I think my eyebrows might be too far apart. I have a (French) big nose, and I didn’t realise the further away your eyebrows are from it the wider it looks. I actually never had my eyebrows shaped by a professional, I’m too scared for some silly reason. But it’s on my list of things to do before I turn 30 in August.

    • baublesb says:

      Actually, I only discovered that during the Beauty Workshop too! It was amazing what a little distance can do really. Cyndie, you’re not the only one who is afraid to get their brows done. I too was a big chicken. But I went to Benefit Brow bar to get mine done – not waxed because I hate waxing. I had it plucked. Then I tried threading. Really good too! There’s are 2 really good eyebrow experts in Sydney that I know of: Jazz Sampling and Lien from Ultimate Brow Shape

      • Cyndie says:

        It’s so funny I met Jasmine from Jazz Sampling on Sunday!!! She is a friend of a friend and we met at an Easter lunch our common friend organised! Funny she looks exactly like on her website photos (even had the same hair style and the exact same Mickey Mouse tee-shirt!) – Unreal. She does my friends eyebrows, it’s how they know each other. Small world. I might have go see her. Thanks Norlin!

  • Sarah Sayers says:

    Awesome tips. I’ve always considered myself an eyebrow connoisseur, but this tip on creating a sharper nose is news to me. Thanks!

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