Fashion & Beauty Tips & Tricks

Fashion & Beauty Tips & Tricks

Missed out on this last week, but have no fear, I’ve picked up a few tips to share with you this week. Hopefully this will help you in the beauty and fashion department…in some way perhaps? Let’s get on with it shall we?

Beauty Tips

  • Applying mascara the more effective way

Do you normally look straight in the mirror, looking up while you’re applying mascara? Well, it wasn’t until I went for my second make-over session with Becca Cosmetics that it hit me that I’ve been applying it the ineffective way. During my make-over session with Illamasqua earlier this year I remember the make-up artist telling me to close my eyes while she applied the mascara on me. I could feel her applying it on both the top and bottom lashes, while both my eyes were closed. I had thought nothing of it then, until my next make-over with Becca Cosmetics. This time I was told to look down – not up as I normally would when I’m applying mascara myself. That was when it clicked.

Look down while applying mascara

If you look down, you’ll actually be able to get to the “hard to reach” areas, like the inside corner of your eyes. Plus you’ll cover a bigger area. So what do I do now? Using a small mirror or just use the mirror in your compact, look down with the mirror underneath you facing up and then apply your mascara. I found that I could get every single lash coated evenly. Plus I asked a fellow blogger and make-up artist Nico from The Beauty Page why it’s better to look down when applying mascara. She says,

The reason we don’t put mascara on with our eyes looking up is for 2 reasons. One is that it’s less messy. You have more control of where the product goes and can coat all the lashes. If your eyes are open and looking up you can only coat under the lashes and there’s every chance you will also coat your eyelid! Second reason is it is safer! With your eyes looking down there is less chance that the wand will penetrate your eye and give you a nastly sore eye injury.

Aha! See, there’s always a good reason, in fact two reasons, because let’s fess up – who hasn’t accidentally poked their eye before? I know I have!


  • Dirty hair is easier to create pin-up, braided styles

30 Braids in 30 Days Ebook
When I say dirty I don’t mean to leave your hair unwashed for a week. What I mean by this is that doing braided styles and up-dos ala Christina from Hair Romance is much easier when your hair hasn’t just been washed and blow dried. Ideally, 3rd day hair is the best as it’s slightly greasy but not too greasy, making it easier for the style to hold. Clean hair tends to be too fluffy and slippery so you’ll find that it’s harder to create the styles you want. For slightly more volume or texture on “dirty” hair, simply spray some dry shampoo on your scalp before-hand. If you’ve got clean hair and still want to do some gorgeous pinned up-dos or braids, here’s another trick – sea salt spray.

Miss 9 wanted me to do the waterfall braid on her the other day for the school photos. The problem? She had just washed her hair the night before, so not only did I have to grapple with her super-fine hair but clean and slippery texture. Thankfully I still had the Rockstar Sea Salt spray handy, so all I had to do was to spray it onto her hair. This creates some grit making it easier for me braid her hair. If you haven’t got any, simply make your own.


  • 220ml of water
  • 1 tsp of sea salt – the finer the better as it’ll dissolve faster
  • ½ tsp of conditioner – if you can get one that has a coconut scent then go for it!
  • ½ tsp of hair gel

Simply put all these in a spray bottle and shake, shake, shake until the mixture is thoroughly mixed!

Fashion Tips

  • Lace up a spaghetti style top or dress to widen your straps

lace with dress



I saw this on Pinterest and have to say it’s such a fab idea! Not only would I feel more comfortable having wider straps for my singlet or camisole (whatever you call it) or dress, but I get a different look too!  So I did try to re-create this. I decided to do this to a dress that I recently bought from the Supre factory outlet and luckily for me some leftover lace fabric from my sewing days (yes I’ll get back to sewing one day). All I needed to do was measure the amount needed for the front and double it to get both sides. Then I just hand-stitched it to the top of the bodice.

Steps to add lace to your top

I’ll be honest though, it would’ve been so much easier had the lace been like the image on top. As in with edges unlike the one I had. So I had to actually cut out the lace pattern to create this nice shape and let me tell you, it was such a pain to match the two sides! But I did it!  Check out the end result!

laced bodice DIY

Now I’ve got a dress that looks a little bit more “polished” than a plain spaghetti strap top.



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