When All Else Fails, Go To The Men’s Department

When All Else Fails, Go To The Men’s Department

That’s my mantra when it comes to gym gear. No, seriously. You see, I’m happy to have bought 3/4 leggings (or was it pants?) and yoga style pants from the Michelle Bridges range over at Big W sometime last year. They were comfy, affordable and I could wear them with any of my sleeveless tops or t-shirts when I do workout. The problem is, I’m no longer working out once or twice a week. Now, I’ve increased it to at least 5 times a week, if not 6. A bit excessive? Yeah maybe, but I’ve been on a roll since the holidays and I really don’t plan to stop because it makes me feel really good whenever I finish a session. That’s when I realised I needed to own more than one set of sports bras and did find the ones I love.

With Summer being so hot, sometimes all you want to do is wear comfy shorts when you’re working out and while I did find a pair from Target, in the right length I regret not buying more than one because they ran out of sizes – FAST! So I went on the search for some comfy pair of shorts, hoping for one that were the right length (not too long or short) and at the right price (not more than $20 a pair).

I went to the sports brands, checked out Bonds and even the different stores like KMart, Target and BigW, the problem? They were either too short – nope, I don’t want to have to keep on pulling them down while working out – or they were pretty tight fitting around the bum area – nope I don’t want to accentuate something I’m not proud of thanks. So Mr. C suggested, “Why not get men’s shorts?”. Hmm…not a bad idea, so I did. I went to BigW’s men’s sports section and saw a pair, well they were more the swimming shorts really, that were selling for only $5! So I grabbed 2 pairs and cut out the mesh on the inside when I got home. They were comfy, at the right length and were not tight around the bum! PERFECT! I did head on to KMart to get more 3/4 leggings – only $15 a pair – bargain! Then knew I needed sleeves t-shirts that were loose and long enough for me to work out in. The ones in the ladies department were tight fitting, short (as in it didn’t cover my bum) and cost about $10 each for a decent one. Then somehow Mr. C’s voice must have boomed in my head and I decided to try the men’s department. Right there, in KMart were slim cut printed t-shirts for only $7.00! They were baggy enough yet not drowning me because they were slim cut. While I knew I was looking for sleeves t-shirts I knew I could modify them to suit what I wanted. So what did I do? Cut the sleeves. Yes I did. And then I pulled the sleeves to make it curl – that’s thanks to Miss 9 who saw it on YouTube and suggested I did that.

making sleeveless t-shirt

The result? A super comfy yet “cool” (ok, it’s my idea of cool?) sleeveless t-shirt that covers my bum, and isn’t too baggy!

What about you? What do you work out in? Are you someone that splurges on workout clothes or skimp and save like me? Do you find it hard to find exercise gear that suits your bodyshape or size?


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  • Nico says:

    I’m actually about to start working out again so ill keep this in mind! Only wish I had the motivation to exercise as often as you!

    • baublesb says:

      Nico, no idea how or when this motivation came about. I think it’s realising how good I felt after each workout – like I’ve accomplished something for myself, that’s mine and mine alone, if you get what I mean? And seeing a difference in my health & well being that made me want to do it as well I guess. Do check out the men’s department for cheap workout stuff. T-shirts especially and in slim cuts not the baggy ones 😉

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