Celebrating Chinese New Year with New Pyjamas

Celebrating Chinese New Year with New Pyjamas

*This post is part of a collaboration with Target for my stint as a Target Blogger. I was paid and given vouchers to purchase my outfits.

Chinese New Year is almost here, on the 10th of February this year and while I’m not Chinese, Mr. C is and he celebrates it, so I do too. Basically what we do is go visit his relatives who are in Melbourne, sit, chat, catch up. Oh wait, that’s him, I just sit and try to look interested. True story. Besides that, other bits of celebrating Chinese New Year includes the “reunion dinner”, which traditionally is done on the eve, with close family – in this case HIS parents and sister’s family. Fun. Good thing there’s food to be consumed and keep me occupied while I “celebrate” being together with the in-laws. So fun. We have our own “reunion dinner” tradition too. And by we I mean Mr. C, the kids and I. This is where I cook something “out of the ordinary”, in this case – steamboat. This is one of the parts of celebrating Chinese New Year that I do enjoy.  We normally do this on the eve of Chinese New Year because the one with the in-laws is usually done a few nights before or after the eve, depending on when my sister-in-law has her reunion dinner with her husband’s family. Yes, it’s the whole rig-ma-roll of just following what your husband’s family decides.

A few other things that are part of the tradition is that you need new clothes on the day (yeay, love that part!), new shoes, new everything basically including new pyjamas that you wear on the eve. It’s sort of celebrating the “new year” hence, everything has to be new; to bring in new luck. That’s my interpretation anyway. So, each year, I get to buy new pyjamas and while I would love to have the chance to splurge on expensive pyjamas I normally don’t. Why? Well, it’s not practical is it? You wear it to sleep. Who will see it but you, your partner and those that live with you. But, I do believe in wearing nice pyjamas. Those that are comfy but also look good, that hasn’t been ridiculously priced. Which is why I turn to Target. Not just because they’re paying me to say this, but I actually have been buying pyjamas from Target thanks to their cute designs and even better price points!

A few weeks back, well, in late December actually, I went on a search for some new pyjamas. The criteria I normally look for in a good pair of pyjamas are:

  • Design – it has to look cute
  • Comfort – I’m sleeping in them so naturally I have to be comfortable in them
  • Versatility – I have to be able to mix and match the different pieces easily. I know nobody sees them but me, but still, I can’t stand it when things don’t go well together!
  • Price – Call me a tight arse, but I love it when I score a good bargain, when something is considered good value for money.

What do I term cute? I think floral prints like this one with a mix of pink and red flowers are super cute and still feminine. It comes in a set, which saves me a lot of money – all matched up for me – and at $20.00 you can’t go wrong. The set comprises of a short sleeved button down shirt with a 3/4 length pants making it perfect for Summer when the weather isn’t too hot.

Roses Pyjamas Set

I also snagged myself another pyjama set, this time a lavender t-shirt top with a pink lace collar and a pair of lavender heart print 3/4 pants. Again, $20.00.
Lavender Pyjamas Set

Summer in Melbourne is unpredictable and sometimes it can get pretty hot and stuffy at night, so during those times I normally prefer to sleep in shorts. This is wear the fun comes in when I get to mix and match my sleepwear. There were quite a few cute ones to choose from. I ended up picking this lavender shorts with white floral print – very feminine and a pink one with pink hearts and prints of cats all over it. SUPER CUTE! The shorts are made of lightweight cotton, which means I can sleep in comfort – a win in my books. I chose a yellow t-shirt with lace features on the shoulders and a coral singlet which wasn’t part of their sleepwear range, but was part of the Target Essentials range. Sometimes, you’ve got to venture out of the “sleepwear” range to find something that suits you. Both would be perfect to wear with both the shorts I had chosen previously.

Lavender Floral Shorts

Lavender Floral Shorts

I know I went a bit overboard with buying new pyjamas for Chinese New Year but hey, one set just isn’t enough and with prices like that, how could I stop at one set! Plus, it’ll last me until Winter when I get some “sexy” flannels. 😉

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