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I was putting away the latest lipsticks I had just bought for myself when I realised, “man, I’ve got a lot of lipsticks!” Yeah, you never know what you’ve got until you actually have a good look at your stash. It’s something that I buy without thinking. Basically, if it’s a colour I like, or a new texture or a new release from a brand I’ve been following with a colour (or two) that I like, I’ll buy it. Price does come into play of course, so whenever something goes on sale, again, I tend to reach out for my wallet. The fact that it’s so easy to store, and something you know you’ll wear makes it easy for me to not think too much about and just make a purchase. Bad, I know. And working for a business that also sells cosmetics? That doesn’t help either.

Besides my own purchases, I also receive quite a bit from brands to try out. So it’s not just me buying but me receiving too. And sometimes you don’t realise the fact that you usually wear the same lipstick or lipgloss over and over again, therefore ignoring the rest in your collection. So I thought I’d take some accountability and decided to wear a different lipstick or lipgloss a day. No point having them in my collection if I don’t wear them right? Easy? It wasn’t until my friend Suzie from Suzs Space asked me how many weeks it’ll take me to go through my collection that I actually counted how many I did have! Over 40! And that’s not counting those in my bathroom vanity and handbag!

lipstick stash

From today, until I don’t know when, I’ll be sharing with you the lip product I’ll be wearing – a different one each day. And, yes, I’ll be “cheating” in a way, because I’ll sometimes be wearing both a lipstick and lipgloss in one day to create that luscious look. Great way to experiment with my make-up collection too and add some challenge to an otherwise dull repertoire (as if I haven’t got anything else to do huh?)

So, who’s game to join me and have some fun with their lipstick collection? If you’re keen, you can join in and tag #lippyaday on Instagram and/or Twitter. You can tag me too, I’m @norlinm on both accounts. I would love to see what you’ve got in your collection too!



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She's a mum of 3 who loves writing, sharing tips, tricks and discoveries that covers styling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and so much more!  Find out more about Norlin here!

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