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How to Be Thoughtful When Buying Kris Kringle Gifts

*This post is part of a collaboration with Target for my stint as a Target Blogger. 


It can be tricky to be thoughtful and buy gifts that are actually useful, and appreciated when you’re on a super tight budget – you know…like with Kris Kringle gifts? Sometimes it can be harder or easier, depending on the situation when there are more rules imposed on a Kris Kringle “situation”. For instance, at the recent gathering I had with a few other bloggers for the “Racing BBQ” we also decided to have a little pre-Christmas celebration having a Kris Kringle gift for each one of those who were coming to the BBQ. Being mostly beauty bloggers, KerKer from The Ugly Moments suggested no beauty products as, well, we all have tonnes we had to get through anyway. But we did all break that rule because everyone of us (except for Ling from Pork Chop’s Nest) bought something that was related to beauty! The other rule was to keep to the $20 (as best as we could of course).

Being an all female group, with those who were into beauty and fashion, and into blogging, I decided to pick a theme. I went with – colour. I’ll be perfectly honest that it happened by accident. I already knew I was going to get something related to fashion, blogging and beauty. But, it so happened, as I kept on choosing my gifts, that colour came into play as well.

My first stop was at the accessories section, where I picked a pair of drop style earrings with gorgeous oranges and reds. A colour that most would be able to wear too. Then, I saw a simple clutch in a nice dark red shade, matching the red theme perfectly. Next I sauntered into the beauty section and saw that they had a single stand filled with Ulta nail polishes! All for only…$2 each! I grabbed the red and maroon nail polish.

Then it was time to search for something related to blogging. The stationery section has a wealth of fun stuff and this simple notebook caught my eye. The message on the cover read “All Journeys Have Secret Destinations To Explore And Discover” and blogging is just that – a journey that we have yet to discover as each day unfolds! Great for jotting down the ideas that will come to mind unexpectedly. The inside featured simple ruled sheets in striking yellow – not the colour theme I know but, still “on-trend” right? ;). The total went about a dollar or two above $20, but that’s ok, considering it wasn’t over the top! And, in case you were wondering, yes, the earrings, clutch AND nail polish were all on special!

Kris Kringle gifts from Target

Kris Kringle gifts from Target (thanks to KerKer for the photo!)

So who got my Kris Kringle gift? KerKer did! Thank goodness she liked the stuff I picked out and yes, everyone noticed a theme there…with the colours. And now they’ll know the reasons behind the choices I’ve made too!

See, choosing Kris Kringle gifts can be simple, so long as you have a few ideas in mind. And remember to always check the specials that the store might have. That little bit extra discount can add up to you getting more stuff  towards your Kris Kringle present! Another tip, you can also purchase stocking fillers according to themes you have in mind. Makes buying that much easier.

Have you got any tips when choosing gifts for Kris Kringle? Also, if you were after some great buys under $20, check out my post on Beauty Buys, Stationery & Quirky gifts plus gifts for men – all under $20!




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  1. 1

    Yeap.. I was the good one who stuck to the no-beauty rule! :)
    Loved the Kris kringle that everyone bought. So cute.
    Ling recently posted..Stalk my Weekend: Pancakes, Markets, Fried ChickenMy Profile

    1. 1.1

      You were good! When I saw that Kerker broke her own rule (hehehehe) I thought ok, at least ONE beauty item! 😉 So I added the nail polish. Loved everyone’s gifts too!
      baublesb recently posted..Friday’s Favourites – Fave Blogs, Fave Nail Polish Brands, Fave…random stuff!My Profile

  2. 2

    I thought your present was very well thought out, and I know she loved it!! I would’ve loved a KK like this (having said that, I am head over heels for what I received at the BBQ too!) I buy a lot of my Christmas gifts from Target, such great stuff!
    emmabovary recently posted..Illamasqua : Generation QMy Profile

    1. 2.1

      I bought some stuff for one of the kids’ teachers from Target too! She loved the clutch I got and the nail polish set – all pastel – very themed again!
      baublesb recently posted..Friday’s Favourites – Fave Blogs, Fave Nail Polish Brands, Fave…random stuff!My Profile

  1. 3
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