What To Wear When Travelling On A Plane

What To Wear When Travelling On A Plane



Having travelled via planes, trains and automobiles whilst on holidays and then to and from Sydney and Melbourne, I thought I’d share a few tips on what to wear whilst travelling on a plane. Some basic pieces that would keep you comfortable, looking a little bit stylish and yet still safe for travelling.

  • Light Long Sleeved Shirt

I normally do a bit of layering when I travel, starting with a simple t-shirt or tank top and layering it with a light long sleeved cotton shirt. Yes, I know cotton creases easily, but a good cotton shirt is comfortable letting you either put it on whilst going from a cooler weather, acts as a pretty reliable “jacket” whilst on the plane and then easy enough to take off when you’re in a warmer weather. Or, in place of a shirt, a light cardigan would work too.

  • Jeans or light pants

Try to avoid wearing skirts or shorts when travelling on a plane. My main reason for this is mainly for safety, just in case the plane catches on fire or something. This way you’ll avoid getting your skin burnt if it does happen. Plus the plane can be pretty chilly even if you’ve turned that teeny tiny air conditioning switch off. It’s also easier to maneuver yourself instead of having to worry if your skirt is riding up your bottom or if you’re showing too much leg while on board the plane. Again, depending on where your destination is, you can either wear jeans if you’re heading off to a destination with cooler weather or light pants for warmer weather. I wore my GAP Always Skinny, which wasn’t too thick and pretty comfortable when I travelled to and from Singapore.

  • Cover Toed Shoes

With cover toed shoes, it not only makes walking easier – no high heels please, but it’s also great for safety. Again, with the same point previously. Also, try not to wear boots. It can be really annoying if the people at the security check point makes you take them off to do a check. I’ve had this happen to me when I went to Sydney for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Whilst it was easy for me NOT to pack them in my luggage, when going to my gate, I would prefer to just walk through security without having to stop unnecessarily.

Mox Shoes
With my Mox shoes (I’m in love with these shoes!)

For my trip to Singapore I had on the Mox shoes which were comfortable, designed to let your feet breathe and safe to wear on board the plane.

What to Avoid

With those simple tips in mind, now on to what you should avoid doing when you’re planning to travel on a plane.

  • Lots of Jewellery

I’m sharing what I’ve learned…from my mistakes of course. I love a good arm party and even some chunky bangles, rings and necklace, but you would need to take them off before walking through the security “thingy” (sorry I don’t know what that thing is called) or you’ll be beeping! I’ve had a nice arm party planned and worn on my trip to MBFW (again) but had to take them off before going through security and place them in a tray – what a pain! So the next time I travelled, I only had on my wedding ring and a watch. Not even a simple necklace. That way I get to go through quicker without having to take off so many accessories and then having to put them on again! Plus it also annoys the people behind you who are waiting to go through whilst you take your accessories off.

That’s all I can come up with what to avoid wearing when travelling on a plane, but if you can come up with any other tips on what to wear or avoid, please feel free to share your ideas!




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