Recycled Fashion – Lessons From Vietnam

Yesterday officially marked my second day over in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, and lucky for me, we had the chance to go and visit the tunnels over in Cu Chi.

Besides the intriguing tiny tunnels that I had the privilege of discovering, there was also the history behind how the Vietnamese Communists created and survived in these tunnels. Whilst these were all amazing history that I’ve just discovered and learned more about, what actually caught my attention was how recycling we’re a huge part of surviving the war.

Besides recycling items to make new weapons with, there was the case of recycling old tyres to make way for sturdy sandals to suit the tough jungles of Cu Chi.


The sandals reminded me a little of the very expensive Neckermann or Birkenstock sandals only way tougher. I tried a pair and whilst the soles were super tough, they were surprisingly comfortable. At only 75 000VND, which converts to about AUD$4.00 I thought the word ‘bargain’ doesn’t even begin to describe the amazing price, especially since I was told that a pair would last YEARS!

There were other recycled goodies at the souvenir stores. Baseball caps, bags and mini bags all made cleverly out of beer cans, all sewn together intricately. I thought that was recycling at its best, something we could probably learn from too.


The tour took over 2 hours, and required a lot of foot work, manoeuvring through the jungles so I thought I’d give my Mox a run and see if it and my feet would survive the walk.


Surprisingly, I was amazed that the soles of my feet didn’t hurt at all, when comparing to wearing my Converse all day whilst I was in Singapore. The tough rubber soles were comfortable on my feet and the ‘holey’ design provided ample ventilation to keep your feet from stinking up in the hot and humid weather. I’ve also been wearing the Mox whilst on the plane, travelling to the different destinations as I know that wearing cover toed shoes are a must on flights, whilst still wanting comfort.

My only gripe is the fact that it only comes in one design – like ballet flats, only with a wider span at the top. It does however come in six different colours and in a unique ‘plaited’ pattern twist design. And how does this compare to the Crocs? Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be caught dead in those. And unlike Crocs, they don’t have that stinky rubber smell, even though they are made out of rubber. Plus, the biodegradable string bag it comes in makes it super convenient for shopping!

Stay tuned for my adventures when I go shopping in Vietnam tomorrow. I saw some stretch skinny jeans for AUD$8.00! Bargain? Definitely!

*I was given the Mox shoes for consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy. All comments are my own. And I’m still trialling the Mox shoes on my South-East Asian holiday.



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