Q & A: Dressing For Derby Day

It’s the Spring racing season if you haven’t noticed already and I’ve a new follower on my Facebook page, Nalini from The Made Up Maiden who is in a bind as to what head wear she should be for Derby Day. Here’s her question:

Hi gorgeous! I need help! I need tips on dressing for Derby Day at the very last minute?! I am thinking of wearing a black bandage dress, black/cream open toed heels, and a black clutch. Any other ideas regarding headwear/wearing hair up or down? Oh, and I was thinking of hat or hairband fascinator…!
Thanks muchly in advance! xx

Derby Day has been traditionally known as a black and white themed event. Staying classic, or getting in on the mono-chrome trend are two ways that you can dress up for this exciting event. Instead of going all black, seeing that Nalini would already be wearing a black dress, and black clutch , with a pair of black open toed heels, I think it would be really nice to have a fascinator that has the best of both worlds – Black and White!

With a bandage style dress, I would suggest going for that super sleek, classic style and having your hair in either a low bun at the back or a side ponytail. Lucky for you, there are even hats now that come on a headband! So no fussing with hairpins, or trying to make sure your hat doesn’t fly away. Here are some pretty classic yet chic suggestions:


Classic Derby Day

For that super classic style I would go for the pillbox style hat with the netting on the front – I think it gives the outfit that nice vintage feel. With that style, keep your hair in a low bun at the back. If you’re more comfortable for something a little more contemporary, then try the top fascinator that has a mix of black and white flowers, and wear your hair in a side ponytail for that streamline look. Finally, the black and white hat would be perfect if you were after that traditional style. Best news is, it comes on a headband too! You can wear this 3 different ways – with your hair down in a straight sleek style, in a side ponytail or in a low bun at the back. A very versatile piece.

I hope I have somehow helped you out a little Nalini and thanks for your question. Remember everyone, if you’ve got any kind of questions related to beauty or fashion, feel free to either direct it on the Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Facebook page or email me over at contact[at]baublesbubblesbags[dot]com



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  • Nico says:

    Thanks for this post! A former melbournite I’m ashamed to say I did not know derby day was traditionally black and white! I learnt something new 🙂 look forward to seeing pics of Nalini after the day!

    • baublesb says:

      Nico, honestly, I just learned that fact last year! Hahaha…so you’re not alone but hey, we learn something new everyday hey. 😉 I can’t wait to see Nalini’s pics on the day too!!

  • I could’ve sworn I posted on this but I can’t find my comment now. 🙁

    Unfortunately, I didn’t end up going. 🙁 The girls bailed but we decided to go next year!

    I did, however, come up with a ‘spring racing’ theme for my birthday and we all wore fascinators! I will post photos soon!

    Thanks for the fantastic tips though, I’m definitely bookmarking this for next year!


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