Bling It On! How I Stole the Thunder from My Girls

Bling It On! How I Stole the Thunder from My Girls

This give away is now closed. Thanks for checking in!  Check out who the winners are at the end of the post!

Bling, who doesn’t love bling right? I know I do. I do have a confession though, I used to hate them. No, make that loathe! I used to cringe each time I see my Mum all blinged up. To me it was so over the top. But then again, I was 16, wearing black, listening to alternative Indie bands, and was a wanna-be dark edgy chick. So, can’t blame me for not wanting anything to do with bling. I still avoided bling for a while, despite not wearing black all the time – still wear lots of black maybe that’s why I fit so well in Melbourne? Miss 10 tried to influence me with things that had sequins when she was younger. She kept on picking anything bright, bold, shiny and sparkly whenever I went out shopping with her. She was only 4, but, somehow as I (not her, but I) grew older, I think it somehow rubbed off on me.

This year, I started wearing colours again – bright fuchsia is my favourite, followed by royal or cobalt blue – and also tops with sequins and sparkly jewellery. Yeah, go figure. Not so much because they are on-trend but I think it’s the way they make me feel, all happy and bright. So when I was told that this new thing for kids, tweens and teens was being released – Blingles, I had to think hard. Should I tell my girls about this? Should I keep it to myself? Because really, I had so many ideas and ways to bling up my stuff. And I did!

I hogged the Blingles Blig Studio – the big one of course – and gave the girls, the smaller packs to play around with.

Blingles Packs
L-R: Blingles Accessories Pack, Blingles Theme Pack, Blingles Bling Studio available in KMart, Target, BigW, Toys R Us & your local toy store

Here’s how it works:
Blingles StepsStep 1 – Choose your design ( you can even draw your own design) and place it underneath the flap. In the Theme Pack and Accessories Pack, you won’t have the big pink square object to place it in, instead, you’ll be given the plastic padding to place your design underneath. Make sure your pad/flap is clean by the way.

  • Step 2 – Place the blings (the sparkly bits) on top of the pad/flap, following the design you’ve picked. Then place the sticky square bit on top of the design you’ve created.  So yes, sticky part facing down.
  • Step 3 – Make sure the design sticks onto the square completely before lifting it off.
  • Step 4 – Peel off the backing of the glue sheet for the blingles.
  • Step 5 – Place the “bligled” design on the glue pad.
  • Step 6 – if you’re using the “Studio”, roll the pink square over it. If you haven’t got the studio simply use your fingers and press the blingle down making sure the design picks the sticky glue.

Then slowly peel off the glue sheet off the blingle and then place your design on the item you want to have blingled! I’ve chosen to “blingle” my red Converse high tops.

Placing the blingle on my converse high tops

And voila! Here are the end results:

Converse has been "Blingled"

And I’ve even “blingled” my t-shirt:

T-shirt with "blingle" design

I’ve now given up custody of my Blingle to Miss 9. But yes, I have her permission to use it anytime I feel like “blingling” any of my precious collection of stuff. It was a fun exercise and I could think of a few more things to “Blingle” to be honest.

Would you like a chance to try out this new “Blingles”? Thanks to Moose, I’ve got 20 packs to give away. The Theme packs not the Studio or Accessories. Each Blingle Theme pack is worth $50 and has packs of “bling”, a special pen for you to pick the “bling” up with, glue roll, 6 design templates. To be one of the lucky 20, simply tell me in 25 words or less what you would “bling”. This giveaway ends on the 14th November 2012. And seriously, I’ve just shown you this isn’t just for the kiddies…we mature adults can still have some fun “blinging” our stuff!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Open to Australian Residents Only
  • ONE entry per person per household
  • Those that Do NOT answer the question will be disqualified
  • Judge’s (ME) decision is final
  • The winner/s would have to respond with their details within one week of contact or a new winner/s will be picked
  • While we take perfect care when dispatching the prizes, we will not be responsible for those lost or damaged in transit as it is beyond our control.
  • Would LOVE it if you could share your “blinged up” goodies either via our Facebook Page or by emailing it through to us.

Winners of the Blingles Theme Pack are: 

Melissa (comment no.2)
Leighta Bennett
Meg Macleod
The Made Up Maiden
Ingrid N
Michelle Gray
Danielle Shipperlee
Kathryn Bessemer
S Armstrong

Jasmine Wright

Carol Warr


*I was given the Blingles packs for consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy.





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