Q & A: Dressing for a Day Time Formal Event

Yesterday, a liker on my Facebook page posed a styling question:

Facebook Question from Larissa

I immediately went online to check out what would not only suit her for that particular occasion but also something that she could wear for other occasions, as you know I’m all about versatility – especially when you’re spending some hard earned money.

Larissa is lucky because colours are huge this season – pastels, bold colours and even patterns. I’ve shared three different ideas she can go with, these are of course just ideas she can apply to other types of dresses or separates, and not necessarily have to get them directly from the suggestions made.

Printed Dress suggestion

1. Long Line Blazer – Sussan, 2. Dress – Country Road, 3. Silver-tone Disc Bracelet – Baubles, Bubbles & Bags, 4. Shoes – Target, 5. Bag – Colette Hayman

With prints and colours being huge this season I thought why not combine the two with this printed dress from Country Road. I love how simple the cut is and this could take you from a semi-formal event by adding a light coloured blazer, nude heels and bag to something casual for another day simply by switching it with a pair of ballet flats and a cardigan or denim jacket. Accessories can be kept to a minimum thanks to the bold prints. Or for a casual take, Larissa only needs to add a plain coloured cotton scarf in any of the colours that are in the prints.

 Blue Dress from Sussan

1. Dress – Sussan, 2. Belt – Sussan, 3. Bag – Colette Hayman, 4. Long Line Jacket – Sussan, 5. Shoes – Target, 6. Necklace – Colette Hayman

If prints are just too scary, then opt for dresses with colours and cut that have a pretty classic style like this one from Sussan. Larissa can dress it up simply by adding a belt in contrasting colour and a necklace with bold colours like this bib necklace with black and red on it. Then to make it slightly dressier, add a blazer, some heels and a bag. This dress is also versatile enough to wear casually when she swaps the heels with some ballet flats, and leaves out the belt. Add a light weight cardigan and Larissa is ready to go out shopping or even to the park!

Skirt Ensemble from Country Road & Sussan

1. Tank – Sussan, 2. Shoes – The Iconic, 3. Skirt – Country Road, 4. Blazer – Sussan, 5. Necklace – Colette Hayman, 6. Bag – The Iconic

If separates are more your thing, then this mandarin coloured pleated skirt would look great when paired with this simple cream tank. Complete your outfit with a light pink blazer to give it a more formal feel. Then with a few accessories like this necklace with a mixture of pastel colours, nude open toe heels and bag, you’re ready to rock that event! You can transform your look with a more casual vibe once again by switching your shoes. Maybe wear a pair of wedged strappy heels or flats. A neutral coloured jersey style top would go well with this bold coloured skirt, add a light printed scarf and you’re ready to go.

These are just a few options but you know you can create more looks with just these few pieces. I do hope this gives you some sort of an idea what to look out for Larissa. And the great thing is they are readily accessible in shops or online!

If you’ve got any styling, or beauty questions, you can leave them on the Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Facebook wall every Wednesday, and I’ll try my best to reply by Thursday or the week after. You can also send through an email to contact(at)baublesbubblesbags(dot)com if you’re too shy to do it publicly!



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  • You are amazing! I love all of them! You have “got” my style and I love the mix of department store and higher end fashion! Will let you know what I decide! THANKYOU!!!

    • baublesb says:

      So glad you loved them all Larissa! And yes, that’s what I’m like you mix higher end with departmental store fashion to get the best of both worlds! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decide on in the end!

  • LisaW says:

    Great choices Norlin! How awesome would that bottom look be with a skinny belt knotted over the top of the blazer. You’ve got great style.

  • Melissa says:

    I’m loving the shoes and bag from The Iconic! I can’t decide between #1 and #2 though for complete outfits.

    • baublesb says:

      Aren’t they cute?! And such a classic style too!! I think I’m secretly coveting the bag and shoes – and I think they’re on sale? Well, if you’re someone who loves to accessorise, then I’d go for option 2, the plain colours allows us to go wild when it comes to accessorising. But, with prints I guess it can be pretty limiting as you really don’t want there to be a clash of too much colours and textures. 🙂

  • Trish says:

    Such lovely choices Norlin and Larissa. I love them all.

  • Julie-Ann says:

    Great choices and love all that colour. I’m sure Larissa will look fantastic thanks to your help:)

    • baublesb says:

      Aren’t the colours just gorgeous Julie-Ann?! I’m loving all the beautiful colours that are coming in this season. And I love how by having them in classic cuts you can still wear them with other pieces even when the trend is over. 🙂

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