Lipsynch: Review & Survival Tips

Lipsynch: Review & Survival Tips

Robert Lepage's Lipsynch

I shared with you a few weeks ago about the fact that I would be spending 9 hours at a theatre with Mr. C. That was last week. All thanks to the Lipsynch production. Seeing that I’ve been blogging these last few days, it is evident that yes, I did survive the 9 hour production and can I just say, that it was such an amazingly unique yet fulfilling experience! 9 hours might seem a bit long for most – hell, even for me. But, it was a totally unexpected experience that moved me, impressed me and left me really thinking at the end of it all. Did I re-connect with Mr. C? Sure did, especially during the breaks where we discussed the different characters, motives and wondered – what next.

With the many new technological advances when it comes to filmmaking this is why I love going to the theatre to see how a production is made, all using back to the basic equipment and the ways one can be innovative when creating sets, and props – especially when the production company isn’t a local one. Lipsynch is produced by Ex Machina from Canada and Theatre Sans Frontieres in the UK. So you can imagine how smart you’d have to be when creating and transporting props without haiving to create huge masses of unecessary items. With clever use of video screens, a scaffolding frame of some sort that could transform from one scene to another simply by moving them around and adding a few choice furniture, Lipsynch was able to create a multitude of scenes for the 9 different life stories of the 9 different characters. And that is another point that I loved about this production. 9 actors who were so interchangeable to play the different parts so seamlessly.

Lipsynch explores not just the 9 different characters but in trying to find out the identity of the main character – Lupe, the young lady who died on the plane leaving her baby all alone – we get to discover the underlying theme on trust with the male figure in their lives (well at least that’s what I think it is). Each character opens up a new possibility, or a new understanding (at times confusion) of getting to know Lupe. The combination of different languages – all of which have subtitles thank goodness – and music, with amazing operatic voices – gives this production life and makes it all the more intriguing.

If you’re wondering how to spend the rest of your weekend, I would suggest, go get a babysitter (if you’ve got kids), quickly book your tickets – it’s on this afternoon and tomorrow – and spend the whole day indulging in this amazing production. Some tips on surviving the 9 hours:

  • Bring a bottle of water – you can refill at the drinking taps
  • Eat some light lunch before hand or bring some so you can have that during the first intermission
  • Bring some light snacks to munch on during the different intermissions
  • Dinner is only 45 minutes so try the different cafes at the Arts Centre itself or Curve Bar which serves the “to share platter” plus additional sides which is served quickly and can be eaten just as quickly
  • Or bring a packed dinner of some sort and have a picnic at the lounge area (sushi is always a great idea!)

So, was it worth my 9 hours – ok I think it went a little bit over 9 – DEFINITELY! Especially when I’m still thinking about it a week later! And no, it wasn’t draggy like what you’d expect, in fact you keep wanting to know what’s next after each intermission, much like when you’re following a television drama series only difference is, you won’t have to wait a week to find out what happens next!

*I was given complimentary tickets to Lipsynch for consideration in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy.




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