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Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of viewing the collection by some of the graduates from the Sydney Institute of Fashion Design Studio aptly named The Innovators. The show opened with Akira Isogawa presenting an award to Kaylene Milner for winning the 2012 Fashion Future Global Mentoring Program, which includes an internship with Diane Von Furstenberg.

Akira presenting the award to Kaylene Milner
Akira presenting the award to Kaylene Milner

Kaylene‘s designs combined exquisite tailoring using fluid fabrics as well amazing leather work and knitting techniques. My favourite piece from her collection was the dress with a leather carved bodice and soft fluid fabric that featured soft print at the top.

Kaylene Milner

Kaylene Milner

Kaylene Milner
My favourite piece from her collection


Carlie Waterman‘s designs from her graduate collection featured a lot of tailored pieces with prints in bold citrus colours that looked tropical from a distance. She incorporates hand weaving, smocking and clever manipulation of fabrics in this collection.

Carlie WatermanCarlie Waterman

If you were after bold and fresh colours with a lot of knitting techniques, then Cynthia Thai is your girl. Her designs featured a lot of knits in amazingly bold colours like fuchsia, lime and mandarin. Her designs were very 3 dimensional with floral appliqués on dresses, jackets and even shorts. She pushes the textural qualities up a notch by incorporating colourful spiked beads as part of her designs.

Cynthia ThaiCynthia Thai

Another fan of the knitting technique is Stephanie Goerlach whose designs also stood out with the loud prints she used in her collection. Pops of orange, lime and purple are intermingled with the classic black and white to give her collection that unique direction.

Stephanie GoerlachStephanie Goerlach


Yuliy Gershinsky‘s collection embodied luxury sportswear for men. There were structured pieces that resembled something futuristic. Clean lines with little emphasis on colour – mostly in blacks, whites and greys – which were a big difference from the other graduates’ collections.

Yuliy GershinskyYuliy Gershinsky

The final graduate in the showcase, Christopher Baldwin had designs that looked like they were out of this world. Literally. With a lot of textural play with feathers and leather cut outs that look like reptilian skins. Some pieces even looked like they were woven together, when in fact, they were layers cut and placed on top of each other to create that 3 dimensional feel.

Christopher BaldwinChristopher Baldwin

I have always loved watching graduate shows, purely for their amazing creativity and experimentation with various fabrics and techniques which have not been restrained by the commercial side of fashion. I do hope to see more from these graduates in the near future.





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  • Wow, so exciting that you got to attend these kind of shows. To be honest, I have always looked at them and never thought anyone would actually wear the clothes that they display. Some things are just so far out there, that I have no idea why they’re even created. Shock value maybe?
    Anyway, the glitz and the glam of these events would be enough to keep this country bumpkin interested! xox

  • Trish says:

    Some very unique styles OUT THERE Norlin.
    I know people wear things like this but where ?

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