Packing Light: The Everyday Girl’s Guide to Packing for a Weekend Away Part II

Continuing from my post on Saturday, here’s is Part II to packing light – this time clothes and accessories. While I’ll only be in Sydney for 4 days, I would need some clothes that are presentable for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as well as comfortable. So being practical is a must and remember, I’ve only got a carry-on luggage to avoid those extra costs!

  • Jeans

I’ll be wearing the clothes for my first day there so that solves the first problem. Jeans are such a staple now and with skinny jeans being such a staple and on-trend item, I don’t see how one could go wrong with this. If you are not one to wear skinny jeans, then choose something that looks smart – preferably a dark colour – that will go well with most separates. My rust coloured Target skinny jeans would look smart when paired together with the white shirt with the sequinned collar I created a few weeks ago. I would be bringing my dark jet black jeans for the second day and this can double up for my last day there when I fly off as well. That solves bringing an extra pair of jeans.

  • Blazers

Another staple that would not only smarten up my outfit but keep the chills at bay! I’ll be wearing one on the way there and packing another one in my little carry-on luggage.

  • Maxi Dress

You have to love a simple, 3/4 sleeved maxi dress. A plain one will look great dressed up or down, depending on the accessories you pair it with. Plus, it is lightweight so won’t take much space in the bag either!

  • Shirts/T-shirt

I would already be wearing one shirt on the day, so I only need to pack another one for the second day and a t-shirt for my last day there. The blazers I’ll be bringing would help smarten the shirts up, giving it a more complete and sleek look.

  • Accessories

This is where I can go nuts! Lightweight scarves can add colour to an otherwise monotone outfit and you can wear it different ways too. But I think I’ll just be bringing one scarf this time round. Make sure you pick something that will go with everything you’ve brought along, like a neutral colour. Necklaces are small and light, and so are rings, bangles and bracelets. I love bringing in a bit of colour and texture from these items. Handy also to store them in a jewellery roll to keep them from any damage.

  • Shoes

I will only be wearing my boots there and bringing along a pair of shoes that will go with everything else. Always wear the bulkier item so that you will save on luggage space!

  • Undergarments

Let’s not forget these essentials shall we? No, I’m not planning on going commando thanks. So, I’ll be bringing my camisole that comes with a built in bra thanks to the one I got from Intimo last year. Then, really I would only need to bring my knickers – at least 2 for each day – because I’ll already be wearing a bra on the first day there! I’ll also be including one camisole just in case I need to layer my outfit. And finally some stockings which are so light they won’t take too much space!

  • PJs

Finally, PJs. 4 days? So really only one pair would suffice.

With these essentials in mind, I know I can look good, feel great AND not have to check-in my luggage!




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