DIY Decorative Shirt Collars

I don’t know what it is, but as I grow older, I’m beginning to find that I have this penchant for anything loud – prints, bling, sequins, bold colours…you name it, and I so want to go for it! Growing up, I used to cringe each time I see my Mum donning her bling, or choosing bold prints and colours. As a teen, black was my colour of choice, so much so that my Mum cringed (and nagged) each time she saw me in them. Her words were, “Why do you wear black all the time? You’re not going to a funeral!” or “Who died?” And when Miss 10 was a lot younger and each time we went shopping together, she would almost always pick something glittery or with sequins for me. I cringed of course. That wasn’t until recently, about a few years ago that I started picking things that had bolder designs, be it for jewellery or clothes. Maybe it’s the inner “diva” wanting to come out, maybe it’s the fact that I’m beginning to appreciate the gorgeousness of these bolder pieces, maybe it’s knowing that as I grow older I’m beginning to fade into the background…or maybe I’m just like my Mum!

So, it comes to no surprise when I started taking notice of decorative collared shirts. This one by Moschino combines cuteness with boldness by adding studs to a peplum style shirt.

Moschino Cheap & Chic Shirt

Balmain’s metallic silk-crepe shirt has got these amazing gold trimming on the collar to give it that bit of glitz.

Balmain Silk-Crepe Shirt

ASOS has another version with pearls and round gold spheres – simple but a notch up from the Moschino one.

ASOS Lipsy Sleeveless Shirt

Well, what can a girl with champagne taste and beer budget do? Create one for herself of course! I managed to get my hands on a nice, simple white short sleeved shirt from Emerson in BigW for under $10.00. It has got a tailored cut around the waist with darts to give it that nice finish. The sleeves have a bit of a tiny little puffed up style…I have no idea what the exact term is but you know what I mean when you see the shirt.

Emerson white shirt from BigW

Then it was time to choose the right embellishment. It was a toss between, black lace – love the contrast of black and white, maroon coloured ric rac piping or sequins. And I only had fuchsia sequins on hand. After consulting my panel of experts (Miss 8 and Miss 10 – don’t laugh, they’ve got a pretty good eye surprisingly), we agreed on the fuchsia sequins.

Embellishments for the shirt collar

The result:

 Shirt collar embellished with fuchsia sequins

Instead of sewing each individual sequin by hand (too much of a hassle!) I decided to use fabric glue. First I spread the sequins to give myself an idea of where I would like them to be placed. Then took them off, applied the fabric glue – SPARINGLY! You can purchase fabric glue from craft stores like Lincraft or Spotlight easily. Then I placed each sequin on the collar according to the design/shape I wanted. It was pretty tedious and on hindsight I should have used a pair of fine point tweezers to pick the sequins up and place them accordingly. Instead, I used my fingers and moved the sequin with a fine point needle to the correct space. But, I think the overall result was pretty good.

Stay tuned next week to see how I style this embellished collared top!



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