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Celebrities; tell me who doesn’t have some kind of mild or in my case, overtly obsessive obsession with them? So I thought on this week’s edition, I would share with you some of the female celebrities that I admire.

Celebrities, for me doesn’t just cover actors, but extends to singers, and even socialites whom I think have it all when it comes to style and of course…money!


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I have admired this lady’s ability to act since I first saw her on “Leon:The Professional“. I thought this little girl would one day make it big in Hollywood with not just with her amazing acting capabilities, but also her gorgeous looks. And guess what, she did! Natalie isn’t just great at acting, absolutely amazing in the looks department, but also smart. This one has really got it all.


I know not many people like her because of the scandal that she caused between Jennifer Anniston & Brad Pitt. Ok, so she was wrong in doing that. But, so was Brad Pitt. As they say, it takes two to tango! Anyway, I think that Angelina has this amazing goddess presence – that’s my opinion. She looks flawless, even when she was a young girl. And, put that together with her acting ability (thank goodness she CAN act), she’s definitely cashing it in! She’s the poster girl for bad girl gone good with her humanitarian efforts and I don’t know about you, but she makes Brad Pitt look good.


Ok, I know I only recently began my obsession with this chick. Yes, blame it on my Twilight obsession, which actually caused me to check out the other films she HAS been in, just to see how good an actor she really is. Kristen has copped quite a lot of flack for having only one expression. Well, hello…go check out her other films and you’ll see that she is actually pretty good at what she does. By the way, in case you didn’t know this already, she was the little girl who acted as Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room. Sure she doesn’t smile much for the paparazzi, but if you were hunted down day and night by them, I don’t think you would either. I love the fact that she doesn’t pretend to be who she isn’t, even if she seems awkward during interviews or on the red carpet. She’s young, she’s not in it for the glamour, she’s in it because she loves what she does – acting. I’m really looking forward to her next two films – Snow White and the Huntsman and On the Road that will be released this year. Oh, and of course the final instalment to the Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2!


What more can I say about this AMAZING lady? Absolutely fantastically angelic voice, and she’s gorgeous too! Bravo to Adele who stood up to the stupid remarks made by Karl Lagerfeld about her being fat. Well, I don’t think she is, she’s a curvaceous beauty who actually has talent. Hmmm…is it a wonder why Kristen stuck her finger up at him??


Source: instyle.co.uk via Norlin on Pinterest

This model and presenter has made waves not just because of the way she looks, but her quirky style. She wears what she loves and doesn’t care what others think – creating her own sense of style. Alexa has also written in a number of columns for different print media and in 2010 & 2011, collaborated with J.Crew’s Madewell for their women’s line. Talent, beauty, style, what more can you ask for!



This girl started off her career by starring in a reality show – Laguna Beach, and then went on to have another spin off from that – The Hills. This reality star has cleverly banked on her popularity from reality television shows to go on and create her own line of clothing, written novels (chick lits of course), written style books and even has a beauty blog that she’s collaborating with two other ladies – goes to show you can be smart and gorgeous at the same time!


Those were only a handful of women I admire, check out the others on my Celebrities I Admire board to find out who else have been pinned!



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  • Melinda says:

    I love Lauren Conrad too! I think she has done so well for herself and I love her style. She always looks classy and on trend at the same time.

    I have to disagree on Ange and K Stew though – not my cup of tea!

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