The Cheat’s Way of Using the Donut for a Ballerina Bun

The Cheat’s Way of Using the Donut for a Ballerina Bun
Ballerina Bun
Ballerina Bun

I did the hair dare a few weeks ago and on one of the days I had a ballerina bun on, using the donut. I have to admit I struggled using it at first, even when I was looking (read studying intensely) at Paula Joye’s video on how to do it. Somehow I could NEVER get my hair to swirl nicely around the donut. But, one day, as I was channel surfing…online of course, I found a new and EASIER way to do it. I call it the cheater’s way.Instead of the sausage donut, I’ve used the round donut. It was about $18 from Hairhouse Warehouse, but I found out in Singapore it only costs $1!! Urgh! Are we being duped in Australia?? Anyway, back to the task at hand – the demo!

Hope I’ve somehow managed to give you another, easier way of using the donut. Let me know how you go and feel free to ask any questions if you’re stuck.




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