Make-Up 101 – The Ultimate Basics

The word make-up can seem really daunting to those who just a)loathe the stuff b)cannot be bothered to or just don’t have the time c)not used to wearing them. It doesn’t have to be that way though. I have to confess, as much as I do love playing around with make-up, that doesn’t mean it’s not daunting to me either. Thanks to my time with Louise from Enhance by Natural Compatibles just before Christmas, I got the low down on the basics of applying make-up.

Enhance by Natural Compatibles Perfect Touch Concealer

The myth has always been that under-eye concealers should be lighter to hide unwanted dark circles. Well, not according to Louise who states that it should actually match the skin tone on your face. This is so that your make-up would look more even instead of having lighter areas underneath your eyes and a completely different shade elsewhere. Makes perfect sense!

Another myth that has been debunked is the colour of concealer used to mask redness – this includes pimples. Instead of the purple (yes there are purple concealers) or any other colour, the best colour to use to reduce redness is actually yellow! Apparently, when you mix yellow with any red skin imperfections you will get a peachy, skin colour giving it a more natural finish, instead of turning the imperfections grey.

Enhance by Natural Compatibles eyeshadows

Want your eyeshadow colour to last longer on your lids? The trick is to apply some foundation on it. This acts as a base on your skin before you apply the colours you want. There are also ways of applying eyeshadow according to the shape of your eyes. I won’t cover this here, but maybe in a much later post.

Enhance by Natural Compatibles Eyebrow Compact

You know how they say the eyes are the windows to your soul – well, in this case, the eyebrows brings your look together – ok, so those were my words, but you get what I mean. Basically, if you’ve got eyebrows that have been shaped nicely, it will frame your face perfectly too. If your eyebrows are not up to scratch – as in a little on the “not much there” side or have been wrongly shaped, defining them would be a great idea. Using eyeshadow with an angled brush would be a good way. Pencils can be a bit harsh if you are not too sure on how to apply it. You don’t want to end up looking like Elvira or some other overly dramatic character. The key is subtle strokes, and it is only to shape and create definition to your eyebrows, not make it stand out.

Whilst we do use eyeliners to create the different looks, the main purpose of an eyeliner is actually to darken your lashes. So, for a basic eye make-up look, it’s preferable that you line your eyes as close as possible to your lash line.

Applying blushers can be tricky, believe or not. The main purpose of applying blusher is actually to give your cheeks that nice healthy glow, as well as highlight your cheekbones. So, when applying blushers, make sure you are applying them upwards, and never apply blush below your cheekbones.

Enhance by Natural Compatibles Natural Lipstick & Lip Pencil

I’ve heard this tip before, but no harm putting it out there for those who don’t. To make your lipstick last longer and not “bleed”, it is best to draw your lips with a lip pencil – preferably a colour close to a slightly lighter NOT darker than your lipstick colour. Next, colour in your lips with the lip pencil and then apply the lipstick. Using a neutral coloured lip pencil can also help tone down the colour of your lipstick as well.

With these basic principals in mind, you can easily apply them to any make-up application. Remember, putting on make-up doesn’t have to be daunting, so long as you follow some simple rules.



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