Christmas Gift Ideas: Something For Someone That’s Got Everything

I’ve shared some ideas on some Christmas Gift Ideas and Stocking Filler and Kris Kringle presents, now the final instalment to my Christmas Gift Ideas list – Something for Someone That’s Got Everything! I am inclined to say – forget it, they’ve got everything, so why bother, but, I thought ok, let’s be creative and think of something. Lucky for me I had to pleasure of having Alyce Cowell, the Westfield Insider help me out with a few suggestions.

That's me with Alyce Cowell the Westfield Insider
That's me with Alyce Cowell the Westfield Insider

Here’s what I managed to find while traipsing all over Westfield Southland last Wednesday :

Christmas Gift Ideas 11. Jewellery Box from Ishka ($60) 2. Aderbil Kilim jug, bowl & tray (from $29.95) 3. Listography range from Typo ($29.95) 4. Passport Wallet from Portmans ($14.95) 5. Essential Travel Pack from Portmans ($24.95)

The jewellery box from Ishka stood out for me, not just because Alyce told me she got that for her sister previously, but the colour and design just stands out. The beautiful silver carvings on top of the box gives it that antique feel whilst the bold turquoise colour is so chic and very contemporary – something I call “antique chic“. The Aderbil Kilim set (you can purchase them individually) makes a great decor or it can be used for Summer to server food and drinks in. The Kilim is a unique artwork with handmade Aderbil, which are geometric designs that are characteristically part of rugs that were handmade in Persian 20 years ago. The prices start from about $39.95 or a bit less for each bowl. If you have someone that just loves to write, why not try the Listography series from Typo? Inside are lists they can write – quirky lists for things like: list things you’d do on a perfect night with your lover in the “Love Listography“. It’s like a diary, but already divided into topics they can write about. Got a girlfriend that’s going away for the holidays? Then this bold coloured passport holder from Portmans might just be the right present. It’s chic and it’s practical, plus it only costs $14.95. And couple it with the Essential Travel pack, which includes a pair of satin slippers (it looks like ballet flats), and a pot of clary sage and geranium jet lag balm that she can take in a small velveteen pouch!

Christmas Gift Ideas 21. Celebrity Chef Book from Sportsgirl ($19.95) 2. Mirror Decal ($14.95) 3. Bird jewellery holder from Sportsgirl ($19.95) 4. Tea Cupcake set from Sportsgirl 5. Hand painted Christmas baubles from Ishka

Know someone who is an aspiring chef or really just loves cooking? Then this Celebrity Chef book would be such a cool idea! You can insert their image on where the space is and they can start writing their own recipes inside! It’s just like a cookbook with a place to write their recipes, instructions, cost, serves and even a star rating! For that tween that loves fashion and beauty, this mirror wall decal is might just rock their boat! The tea cupcake set is also great for those with a sweet tooth, or why not bake some cupcakes for them as a gift in the set. Still scratching your head knowing that these gifts are still not up their creek? Then try these handpainted baubles from Ishka. This is especially great for those who are into handmade items. The colours are vibrant and designs very shabby chic.

Christmas Ideas 3

1. Gourmet Scented Pencils from Ishka 2. Magnetic frame from Portmans ($7.95) 3 & 4. Earphones from Typo ($9.95)

More ideas for kids, tweens and teens – these Gourmet scented pencils from Ishka are not just quirky, but practical! It comes in a set of 10 pencils with a variety of scents from sarsaparilla, orange, cinnamon and so much more. The magnetic photo frame from Portmans will make an excellent stocking filler and they can place it on a magnetic board they might have in their room or on the fridge. These cute earphones from Typo are a great idea, especially with almost every tween having their own MP3 player! They are affordable and practical.

Stationary for Christmas gifts

3 AM note book ($19.95), Goals Diary ($39.95) both from KikkiK

KikkiK is the perfect place for those who just adore stationery. Instead of getting the usual diary, why not get them this 3am notebook. Inside are just blank pages for them to write or even draw their ideas in, for when they just cannot get to sleep at 3am in the morning! Then there’s the Goals book, where they can write down their different goals for the new year – things like Finance & Career goals, Fitness goals, Dare to Dream goals and other goals that are basic but we never seem to think about. There are dates that they can jot down when to reach each goal and even a rewards section to write what they would reward themselves with once they do reach that goal – great for keeping their lives in check!

Moodflame @DuskMoodFlame from Dusk from $40.00

Steps to ignite and enjoy the MoodFlame
Steps to ignite and enjoy the MoodFlame

I was in awe when the sales person at Dusk showed both Alyce and I this amazing decor! The MoodFlame, exclusive to Dusk is a great gift for those who just love home decor gadgetry. It’s like having a fire place without having one – if you get what I mean. You can use this outside – great for those Summer gatherings, or even inside, especially during Winter – just to get you into the mood. It uses Dusk’s smokeless and sustainable EcoFuel. All you have to do is fill the container with the fuel, then place it into the MoodFlame gadget and light it up! The kit comes with a thing (can’t remember the name!)  to put the fire out too.

Gift Ideas for Men

First row: DIY Perpetual Desk Calendar from KikkiK ($19.95)

Second row: Eggling ($24.95) & Nano Block (from $14.95)  from General Pants

Third row: Action Sampler from General Pants

For the guy who has it all I say go for something simple starting from this DIY desk calendar from KikkiK. It’s pretty easy for him to fill it in with his own photos or, you can fill it in as the year goes just as a solid reminder of what they did or have to do. Then, for the black thumb, an Eggling from General Pants. Each eggling comes with their own seeds inside for them to grow their own herbs or plants – a fabulous idea for that guy (or girl) who has just or is going to get their own place. Who says big boys can’t play with lego? With the NanoBlock range they can choose from a variety of different lego style blocks to keep their big hands busy during the holidays. Finally, something that even I would love to get for Christmas – the Action Sampler. It’s basically a film camera that takes a sequence of images, in one go. Definitely a great idea for that budding movie maker. It also includes a lomography book and an instruction leaflet.

Oxfam Unwrapped Card - Chicken

And if all else fails, I say go to Oxfam and choose a range from their Oxfam Unwrapped gift ideas card for those that actually don’t have everything. There’s one that helps people in Laos to buy more chickens that will produce eggs that they can either sell or feed their families with, one that helps to look after kids who have been orphaned by HIV in South Africa and so much more that can help others build their lives, because, isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas?

*I was given a gift voucher from Westfield in accordance with the site’s Disclosure Policy




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