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With the Q & A section this time, it’s ME who has a question. It’s a skincare question and since I’m not an expert, I thought I’d ask someone who was. Audra James is a qualified aromatherapist, facialist and skincare expert. Having been in the industry for over 15 years, she now has her own  bespoke skincare line – Audra James Botanicals. Audra believes that each person is different, each with their own personal factors, sleep patterns, stress levels, all of which contribute to the condition of their skin.

Audra James Botanicals

I sent her this question via email, with regards to the unerupted pimple and blemish on my face. Here’s my question:

Q:I had a pimple about to pop out, one on my cheekbone and the other near my chin. They didn’t errupt because I applied a blemish cream, but I can see that there are still a hint/shadow/reddish blemish there where the pimples should have erupted. Should I let them erupt or will they die down (hope you get what I mean). What’s the best way to get rid of the pimple/blemish? Also, I’ve got a slight scar thanks to Master 5 who scratched my face a few weeks back. It’s healing, but what’s the best way to get rid of that scar – if any.

Audra: Plant oils are very effective at helping to fade scars. The older and deeper the scar is, it will take longer to heal but there should definitely be some improvement. The plant oil I would choose for scars is Rosehip Seed Oil because of it’s high Vitamin E content and the fact that clinical studies have shown that it is effective for the treatment of scars and fine surface lines. It should be applied to the area twice daily.

When it comes to treating pimples, it is a little more compex without actually seeing the spot – which is why I usually suggest that clients either leave the spot to heal or see a therapist for a gentle extraction. The preferred essential oils for treating blemishes are Tea Tree Oil because of it’s anti-bacterial properties and Lavender Oil which is both antiseptic and soothing.  Rather than apply it neatly, I prefer to mix one drop of Tea Tree Oil with 1 drop of Lavender Oil and mix this with a tiny amount of  Jojoba Oil. Jojoba helps to regulate sebum and also has anti inflammatory properties. This is a gentler approach that works with most blemishes, spots and pimples.

If you are getting recurring spots on the chin it will probably be due to hormones so you may want to notice and see if they erupt at any particular time of the month. It’s really important not to squeeze or pick spots as that causes the infection to go deeper and spreads the infection as well and usually extends the life of the spots! It very often also results in scarring, so gentle is definitely better even though it can be frustrating.


To find out more about Audra James, head on to her website: www.audrajames.com. Her treatments and consultations are available via appointments in Annerley, Brisbane and at times in Sydney.





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  • Akhira says:

    I don’t mean to intrude nor want to emphasize something here but what I just wanted is to share and asked if have you ever been out for check up? It’s more likely the physician who can greatly answer you on your query about your skin. Just think of a safe and effective remedy that you will get to have if you’ll persistently visit your physician.

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