Gillette Fusion ProGlide Challenge

Mr. C is now accustomed to being my guinea pig when it comes to trialling products for men. So accustomed that when a package with a big blue box arrived one day, he immediately took it without even asking me if it was his to begin with. Well, it was pretty obvious it was for him because this was what the box looked like:

Proglide Challenge Box

And when when you opened it:

Trust all of our patent or just try it slogan

In the box was:


Contents of the box
If you're wondering what's on the top left hand corner, it's a USB.

Mr. C took up the challenge using the Gillette ProSeries Thermal Face Scrub first.  Like what it says on the pack, the scrub would heat up as you apply it onto your skin. Mr. C said it feels weird to have that feeling on your skin. The reason why it heats up is so that it softens the facial hair a little bit in preparation for the shave, making it easier to shave and also cleaning up any oils or debris on your face before shaving.


Gillette ProSeries Thermal Face Scrub
Gillette ProSeries Thermal Face Scrub rrp$12.99 and yes, that's my hand on the right

After washing off the scrub, Mr.C applied the Gillette Hydra Gel for sensitive skin, which had Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Like another brand he’s tried before, this one pumps out in a gel form but quickly turns into foam as you apply it on your face. I guess gone are the old days of having to pump out foam onto your hand that causes you to leave a mess everywhere. The benefits of it pumping out as a gel first as well is that you will be able to use up every single bit that’s in the can, remember how (think whipped cream) sometimes it’s really hard to get those last few pumps out of a can, having the foam squirting everywhere. Not fun indeed. The hydra shaving gel has that manly cologne scent, but luckily not too overpowering.


Gillette Hydra Shaving Gel
Gillette Hydra Shaving Gel rrp$4.19 (travel size)

He then used the Gillette Fusion ProGlide power razor to shave. I guess the one special thing that this razor has is the fact the power button. It buzzes while you shave – a great gadget for men I say, because most men just love gadgets! Mr. C found the razor easy to use, but he’s still wondering why you’d need to turn on the power button to shave. My guess is, coupled with the blades, it gives you a closer shave and lessens the discomfort during and after shaving.

According to Gillette, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide has been designed to have thinner blades to ensure that it glides rather than tugs and pull at the hair and skin. There is also a precision trimmer to get to all those hard to reach places and anti-clogging rinse slots to get rid of any hair and shaving foam easily.  The handle has also been designed with some ergonomic side grips to ensure that you get a better hold of the shaver without it slipping, therefore ensuring a closer and easier shave. And with power…well, I was right, the micropulses given out when the power is turned on soothes the skin, so that you can barely feel the blades. Now, between you and me, I can vouch for that….I tried it on my legs and yes, there was a difference between having it on and off. But really please don’t tell Mr. C or he’ll be horrified. Hmm….I just had a flashback to when my Dad found out I was using his shaver when I was a teenager! The ProGlide Power razor uses a AAA battery and another good thing about this is the fact that it has an auto-shut off after 8 minutes. Just in case it accidentally turns itself on whilst travelling in a toiletry bag. Handy! The ProGlide also has a version that comes without the power- known simply as the Gillette Fusion ProGlide manual razor.


The Gillette ProGlide Power Razor
The Gillette ProGlide Power Razor $16.99

Mr.C didn’t try out the Gillette Series 2in1 Cooling Balm. I suspect he doesn’t think he needs to cool his face down after a shave, but what he didn’t realise was that this balm not only helps to cool the skin, but also moisturises and hydrates it. So I thought I’d try it on the back of my hand to test out what it felt like. The scent was pretty strong, like that of an after shave or a traditional men’s cologne. I think that was the other reason why Mr. C steered clear of it. It’s a white cream that is pretty light in texture and once you rub it in (yes my hands smelled like a man then!) your skin feels soft. Why can’t they make more moisturises for women like that?! Minus the male deodorant scent of course.


Gillette Series 2 in 1 Cooling Balm
Gillette Series 2 in 1 Cooling Balm $11.99

Do you think YOUR man is up to this challenge? If you think he’s up for a closer and smoother shave, oh, and the fact that it’s a cool gadget, then wait for the 26th June (that’s this Sunday), when the Gillette Fusion ProGlide hits the shelves! *More details soon.

Update: Especially for our dear readers, we’ve got 4 packs consisting of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor, Gillette ProSeries Thermal Scrub, Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel (travel size), and the Gillette Series Cooling Balm (each pack at $46.16) to give away. So if you think YOUR man needs to take this challenge, simply leave a comment stating the problem/s he has had when shaving. One entry per person. The giveaway closes on Friday, 1st July 6pm AEST. The winners will be picked at random**.

*Disclaimer: We were given a complimentary set of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide set to trial. All comments are our own.

**If the winner does not respond within a week of receiving the email, we will pick a new winner.
This giveaway is now closed. The winners are, comment numbers: 8, 1, 3 and 10 – Michelle Johanson, Nellbe, Trish and Paul. I’ll be in touch with you shortly. Thanks again everyone for participating and I do hope that those who won, their partners/spouses/Paul would enjoy using the Gillette Fusion ProGlide!



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  • nellbe says:

    With my hubby it is if he shaves too often as he gets a rash. Which is annoying when his job requires him to be clean shaven every day.

  • melanie w says:

    my guy has really sensitive skin and gets a bad shaving rash from most shavers/razors so sometimes he can become quite the wooly mammoth to avoid shaving would love him to give this a try see if it is good for him i might see his face again.

  • Trish says:

    My 18 yr and husband both shave and get a little rash when the razor goes blunt –
    or especially in winter when freshly shaven face is exposed to the elements more.

  • pixie says:

    my Dh complains about not getting a close enough shave.,

  • I’m sick and tired of my hubby deciding not to shave because he hates razors and dislikes the electric one. Hopefully something like this will change his mind (because I don’t kiss the fuzz!)

  • This would be great for hubby! He only shaves once a week and after about day 3 I can’t stand the stubble! He only shaves once a week as his skin is sensitive. He would have a father christmas beard if I let him!

  • AmberB says:

    He often complains about not getting a close enough shave – “so why bother” (though I think he wouldn’t shave at all if he could get away with it).

  • Michelle Johanson says:

    My husband shaves too fast which isn’t good for his skin.

  • stevie says:

    I hate looking forward to a fresh shave but finding the only blades left are blunt. They never seem to last long.

  • Paul says:

    My skin always feels rough and dry after shaving so I tend to avoid it for as long as possible.

  • Debbie says:

    when my husband shaves theres always stubbles left behind & my kids call then prickles on his face. I would love for him to try this so the kids cant tease him.

  • […] a Gillette Fusion ProGlide pack for hubby from Baubles, Bubbles and Bags – we haven’t got this yet as its a recent […]

  • Thanks Norlin! My husband was a little skeptical about the power razor at first thinking it may be a gimmick, but was more than happy to give it a try and once he did he was impressed. He said it was a great shave. He also tried out the thermal scrub but wasn’t really too sure about the sensation of the heat, and hence didn’t rush to try out the cooling balm after his shave. He was already a regular user of the Gillette Shaving Gel but wasn’t aware that it was available in a travel size. Overall he was very happy with the shaver and it’s results and would be happy to recommend to others. (maybe I should sneak in a trial on my legs too … just to be sure!)

  • baublesb says:

    @Michelle Johanson
    Thanks so much Michelle! I’m glad the power razor did make a difference. Yes, my husband felt weird with the thermal scrub too. And…just between you and me, you should sneak in a trial on your legs 😉

  • Trish says:

    hi Norlin! My husband was very impressed with the new Gilette razor. He said it was a great shave too. He did say the cooling balm after his shave was different but he didn’t mind it.
    Matt was already a regular user of the Gillette Shaving gel and products and it’s great to know it is available in a travel size for our caravan trip.
    Overall Matt was very happy with the Gillette Shaver , after using an electric one for a while and he would be happy to recommend to others.
    I noticed is face was so so smooth compared to the electric shaver 🙂 no rough bits at all.

  • baublesb says:

    Thanks for sharing the experience with us Trish! I’m glad to hear that Matt was happy with the shaver. And the fact that YOU were satisfied with the results as well. 😉

  • paul says:

    Hi Norlin Thanks for the gift pack! Tried power razor very impresed,I have deep facial contours but this shaver gave me a close save. Thanks again.

  • baublesb says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for your input on the gift pack .I’m glad you’re impressed by the power razor. My husband is still using it and loving it too! 🙂

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