Skincare for Men – It’s THEIR Turn Now

Remember Mr. C? Yes, my husband, from over here. Yes, that one. Well, now that I’ve disclosed his shaving practices and facial hair, let me share with you his skin condition. Why? Who knows, maybe your man might have the same type of skin condition or skincare regime (or lack thereof). You see, Mr. C reckons he looks younger than I do, even though he’s 2 years older. Is it a fact? Well, we all know the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and they are HIS eyes, so I guess he should start taking his rose coloured glasses off…seriously. In actual fact, he’s got skin like, what my sister calls – LEATHER. Yes, tanned leather. This is from the lack of wearing sunscreen, very minimal moisturiser he uses, and how he cleanses his face – with just water. That’s it. Just water. Mr. C works in an office, but he does have to go out in the sun, wind and rain, when he visits the sites he has to inspect or work on. Plus, he works out in the sun when he’s gardening, or mowing the lawn – a chore I would so gladly pass. It’s really hard convincing Mr. C to wash his face with more than just water. So it was with great relief for me when he did try out the latest Olay for Men range – Olay Men Solutions.

We’re all familiar with the Olay range for women, and have known that they’re one of the more affordable yet outstanding skincare products on the market. Having the Olay Men Solutions on the market now, is just another way to help combat some skincare issues especially for our male counterpart. The three main issues for men usually are:

  • Roughness
  • Dullness
  • Oiliness

And I do think, it’s not just that their skin are made differently from ours due to different hormones, but also due to the way they treat their skin. Olay’s new range consists of the cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye gel. There are two types of cleansers from the Olay Men Solutions range – Refreshing Oil Control Cleanser and Multi-Solution Smooth Cream Foaming Cleanser. Mr. C got to try out the latter, which I think is perfect for his skin. The Smooth Cream Foaming Cleanser is a smooth cream that foams up to help remove dirt build up and oil on the skin. Something Mr. C needs, especially since he only uses the cleanser once every fortnight! According to Mr. C, the cleanser feels surprisingly gentle on his skin. It didn’t make his skin feel taut after he has washed it off his face. He didn’t mind the scent of the cleanser, which had a mild cologne-like scent. There are also two types of moisturisers in this range; the Balancing Gel Moisturiser and the Multi-Solution Revitalising Cream. The Multi-Solution Revitalising Cream helps to re-hydrate, energise and give some radiance to tired skin – something skin like leather would need. Mr. C found the cream, light and easily absorbed, but thought the scent was a little bit on the feminine side. Luckily it wasn’t too overpowering, which is a bonus, as Mr. C hates anything too strong. Mr. C also received the Multi-Solution Eye Gel to try out. This helps to reduce dark circles and in my opinion, some fine lines. We can’t tell the difference right now, as Mr. C doesn’t have dark circles, instead he has pretty pronounced laugh lines that wouldn’t go away (yes wrinkles). So that would take a longer time to see a difference. But, when I applied a little bit on the back of my hand to have a feel of the texture, I have to say, it did somehow smoothen the skin on my hand. The little spot on my hand absorbed the gel almost immediately upon application and felt soft to touch. Their Refreshing Energy Post Shave Toner is great to put on after shaving, as it leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshing.

Olay Men Solutions Cleansers
L-R: Refreshing Energy Oil Control Cleanser, Multi-Solution Smooth Cream Foaming Cleanser. RRP$12.99
Olay Men Solutions Moisturisers RRP$19.99
L-R: Balancing Gel Moisturiser, Multi-Solution Revitalising Cream. RRP$19.99
Olay Men Solutions Eye Gel
Multi-Solution Eye Gel. RRP$19.99
Refreshing Energy Post Shave Toner RRP$19.99
Refreshing Energy Post Shave Toner. RRP$19.99

Olay Men Solutions are easily available in pharmacies, supermarkets and yes, even online! The prices are also pretty affordable with the cleanser selling at $12.99, the moisturiser $19.99, the eye gel $19.99 and the toner for only $19.99. Your man would not be embarrassed to purchase the range either as the packaging is this sleek yet masculine black and grey theme. Yes, very manly indeed. They would also look good in any bathroom. So even your 20 something male in your family would want to have a try. And, now there really isn’t any excuse for them NOT to look after their skin.

*Disclaimer:Mr. C received complimentary products from the Olay Men Solutions range. All comments are our own.



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