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I’ve never had my eyebrows done by anyone but myself – EVER. I think it’s that thing called trust. I just don’t trust anyone with my eyebrows. Eversince I was a little girl I’ve always seen my mum tweeze her own eyebrows, and as I grew up, I learned from magazines how to do it myself. The thing about where the arch had to start, where your eyebrows start and end, you know those kind of stuff. I steered clear from waxing too, because of my one mishap with a DIY “non-painless” waxing incident that happened to my underarms. My skin was stripped RAW and it hurt for weeks!! So, no way was I going to let anyone wax my eyebrows either. To make matters worse, I’ve also seen some botched jobs when it comes to waxing and shaping eyebrows. And these were done by so-called professionals. So, I’ve steered cleared, until yesterday.

I’ve been hearing everyone rave about the Benefit Brow Bar, how it’s great, and that they also offer tweezing. On my day out with my girls, Miss 7 and Miss 9, I kept on passing by the Brow Bar, for I think 5 or 6 times (nope, not kidding). Checking their prices, tempted to have my eyebrows cleaned up. After circling like a vulture, for like the seventh time, I thought, let’s just do it. Thankfully, they did have one opening that day and would take me to do my eyebrows.

My brow expert was Tarryn. This really cool, bubbly and very knowledgeable chick. She explained to me the fundamentals of eye brow shaping:

Eye brow tips

  • Where the brow should start (a) and end (b) (see diagram)
  • The angle for the arch starts where there is no colour (eye ball) and end (highest part) should be at the other end of the eye ball, again, the part without colour.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, Tarryn also trimmed my brows, something I have never been game to do. And while it did pinch a bit once or twice, when she tweezed my eyebrows, it didn’t hurt too badly. I think it’s more the shock, especially when you’re not doing it yourself. Tarryn then applied the “hi brow” to highlight the eyebrows a bit more. The result – SPECTACULAR. Of course my husband didn’t even notice it – well, I guess he only ever notices if they were all gone! Just like whenever I get my hair done. Anyway, I’ve booked myself in for the next one – a girl’s got to keep her eyebrows shaped regularly. Can’t wait!!

Updated eyebrows
My newly cleaned and updated eyebrows - much more even then before.


Tarryn Benefit Brow Bar @ Myer Chadstone
Tarryn my Brow Bar specialist!

There are quite a number of  the Benefit Brow Bars in Australia now. Simply go to their site and search for a store that is near you. The eyebrow tweeze cost me $30, and I think that was well worth every penny, especially with the fabulous service I received!



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