Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day, the day where lovers spend some special quality time together – at the insistence of retailers…ok, sorry for being so negative about V Day. The last time I celebrated Valentine’s Day was when I was 20 years old, a looong time ago. My husband (then boyfriend) and I made a pact to just celebrate it once in our lives together and then that’s it. We didn’t want to succumb to when retailers tell us to be lovey dovey and appreciative of each other. Good thought, but now, I’m beginning to wonder if I did the right thing. At least, I do get something, besides for my birthday and Christmas. Anniversary, well, I sometimes forget that myself. However, I was just thinking about this the other day, why stop at our spouses, or partners when it comes to Valentine’s Day? Why can’t we celebrate it with our family? It is for lovers, yes, but don’t we love our family too? And, yes, I know this blog is targeted at women, but instead of giving you ideas on what you can get for yourself or get your partner or loved one to get you, this time I’ll be featuring ideas that you can get for that male person in your life. This doesn’t just stop at your partner or husband by the way. It can also be a gift for your dad or son. Depending on the gift of course.

Gifts idea for Men

  • Smartbox

This is a fantastic idea for those who are picky. No, not your partner silly, YOU! Seriously! Smartbox is a concept that allows you to tailor a present for the recipient, whilst still allowing them to “choose” their own romantic adventure or restaurants.

Smartbox Table for Two
Smartbox Table for Two rrp$129.95

There’s the Smartbox Table for Two – Valued at $129.95, it offers up to 70 gourmet restaurants for your partner to choose from. There are restaurants in the Bay and Peninsula area, Sydney, Gold Coast and many more! YOU get to check out the places first before purchasing this Smartbox and then, you can send a few hints their way once they start deciding which place “they” want to go to! No more choosing DUD restaurants for that intimate night out.

Smartbox Unique Escapes rrp$149.95
Smartbox Unique Escapes rrp$149.95

The Smartbox Unique Escapes features over 70 great escapes located within NSW, Victoria and Queensland. Amongst the places featured are B&Bs, Farmstays, and even a castle! Now you get my drift as to why this gift is really for YOU!

There are other Smartboxes available too. The Adventure, Wine Getaways, Extreme and Serenity. For more information, head on to

  • Tailored Suits and Cufflinks

Pernac Suits

Are you sick of looking at your partner and their drab wardrobe? Been dying to revamp THEIR look? Pernac suits could just be the answer for you. They are tailored made, and your partner (or you) can choose their own style, fabric and even shapes. Suits start from $449, depending on the fabric chosen. They even have tailored made shirts! You can either go there with them to choose the right outfit or simply purchase a voucher and then go there with them! Until the 14th February, simply email them or go to their store letting them know that you saw this feature in the Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Style File to receive 5% off your purchase! They have stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Canberra. Head on to to see what’s in store.

Steampunk Cufflinks
Steampunk Cufflinks rrp$55

If you’re after funky cufflinks, then look no further than Redzebra Designs. Their steampunk cufflinks would amaze any urban, grunge male out there. Perfect for those who have to dress up without looking too stuffy. Made from genuine watch movements, you can choose from brass, silvertone and even those in larger sizes. Prices start from $55 and for a limited time, enter the word “Baubles Promotion” under the comments section to redeem your 10% off their cufflinks. *10% of the sales would be refunded via paypal, upon payment.

Silver Square cufflinks with Blue Rope rrp$39.95
Silver Square cufflinks with Blue Rope rrp$39.95

Cufflinked offers yet more options and designs for cufflinks. From classic to contemporary and even ones made from crystals. Their prices start from $39.00 and you’ll be spoilt for choice at the numerous designs they have in store. My personal favourite is the silver square with blue rope. Simple and yet modern. Especially for our readers, Cufflinked have offered 15% off their collection, simply enter the code “love” at the check-out to redeem.

  • Messenger Bags and Belts

Davey Johns Satchel rrp$550
Davey Johns Satchel in orange leather & russet suede (also available in black) $550

The “man bag” is making a come back, what with laptops being a must in almost every man’s work ensemble. Ditch the daggy laptop bag for this designer satchel by Kikko. It’s sleek and slim and would suit most outfits. Designed by Karin Heller, an Australian designer, her designs are sleek and yet functional, ignoring the fads; giving you value for money.

Japanese Wave Kikko Belt
Japanese Wave Kikko Belt rrp$99.00

She also has a unique collection of belts for men, handcrafted in Australia and made from genuine leather and imported Japanese cotton. The buckles are made either from brushed nickel or antique brass, finishing of the unique design. The belts come in two sizes and can also be custom made to fit the waist. There are 10 different fabrics to choose from and my personal favourite – the Japanese Wave. Each belt retails for $99.00 but for a limited time only, simply email your order (choose the manual payment option) with “Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Valentine’s Day Feature” on the subject line and you will receive 20% off your orders!

Mrs. Field's Cookie Cake
Mrs. Fields Cookie Cake/Card

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like FOOD! Especially if you both have a sweet tooth. Indulge in cookie cakes, cookie hearts, cookie cards or even a heart tin filled with 18 assorted nibblers. Great way to give a gift that even you can indulge in. Choose the flavour, message and icing colours – you can’t get any more personal than that! Prices start from $15.95 for the heart tin to $36.95 for a single layer of the cookie cake, heart or card.

  • Grooming
Primal Earth Aloe Range
Primal Earth Aloe Range

We all know that personal grooming isn’t just for us ladies, but even more important for the men too. Most don’t even care, then wonder why their skin is the way it is, when they haven’t been taking care of it. There are a number of skincare ranges for men out there and the price range varies according to the different brands. For those who are reluctant to start their skincare regime, why not start with a more affordable range with Primal Earth. Developed in New Zealand, using the cutting edge green chemistry, it is completely free from synthetic additives and chemicals, which is great for dry and irritated skin (especially in Summer). Their range is perfect for sensitive skin types, with ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Harakeke extract to help combat skin irritation and razor burn. Their range starts from a very low price of $8.99 for their face wash up to $11.99 for their hydrate moisturiser. You can even purchase the gift pack consisting of the Face Wash, Shave Gel and Hydrate Moisturiser. The range can be purchased at any Woolworth’s supermarket (yes, easy!) or via

Schick Hydro 5 razor rrp$11.99
Schick Hydro 5 razor rrp$11.99
Shaving Gel (Moisturising) rrp$5.99
Shaving Gel (Moisturising) rrp$5.99

Why not make up your own gift pack with the latest from Schick. The new Schick Hydro will leave your man feeling refreshed and hydrated, with its hydrating gel reservoir. This helps to moisten and hydrate the skin while shaving. There’s the 3 (rrp$9.99) and 5 (rrp$11.99) blade options to choose from and couple it with their new Schick Hydro Shaving Gel, in either Sensitive for sensitive skin or Moisturise. Available in stores now.

I hope some of these ideas and discounts, would help you out when purchasing your gifts for the male person in your family. Remember, it could be for your son, dad, brother, not just limited to your partners!



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