Q&A: How to dress for Uni

Q: My 17- nearly 18 year old son will be going to uni to study law in February. His attire at the moment consists of his school uniform. Then on the weekends he wears soccer jersey shirts and board shorts. He is totally soccer mad. I have said he can’t wear the soccer jersey shirts to uni but can wear t-shirts that have a soccer teams name – if done tastefully. At the moment he has 10 non soccer jersey t-shirts, 3 pairs of different colour denim shorts and 1 pair of black cotton shorts. Do you have any idea of what is stylish and acceptable for uni? I am especially unsure about what shorts to get him. He has no interest in clothes so I have to do the shopping for him. Any help is appreciated- thanks.

Julie-Ann, W.A

A: Ahh…Uni, truly miss those days. I remember not only loving the knowledge I gained from my uni days, but the freedom that came with it. The freedom of choosing to go for your classes or not (ok, maybe you shouldn’t highlight this fact to your son!), the freedom of meeting new people AND wearing whatever you choose to wear! No more daggy school uniforms. But this can sometimes pose a problem for those who are fashionably challenged. I don’t know if it’s harder for the males or females where this is concerned. But, yes, there is a solution to your question Julie-Ann. True, he can’t always wear his soccer jerseys, although there really is no harm in wearing them once awhile. Especially when teamed up with the right kind of shorts or jeans. For Summer, he can pair up his non-soccer or soccer jerseys with some cargo shorts, preferably those that stops just above his knee – no short shorts. Having some tailored shorts is also a good bet, which can be teamed up with Polo t-shirts and short sleeved shirts. Denim shorts are fine too, so long as it’s NOT acid wash of course (I know you won’t fall for that trend). Make sure it has a medium to dark wash, great to pair up with the non-soccer jerseys t-shirts. For the cooler months, have some long sleeved t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, jeans, cargo pants, knitwear handy. Dressing for uni is really like dressing up when he’s going out casually. I’ve included some ideas on what kind of shorts, jeans, and tops to wear below. Also, if you’re looking for some “cool” t-shirts, Jay Jays have some for $20, they have printed t-shirts, surf t-shirts and even the plainer ones. Jeanswest also has a great range of t-shirts and right now they’re having this “2 for $55” promotion – great to stock up on t-shirts.

Shorts for Men

1. FCUK dark denim shorts, 2. Country Road Chambray shorts, 3. Country Road beige tailored shorts, 4. Country Road long cargo shorts.

Tops for Uni (Men)1. Dark shirt from FCUK, 2. Casual short sleeved shirt from Country Road, 3. Henley Tee from FCUK

Clothes for Uni (Men)1. Barcelona vintage soccer t-shirt from All Poster, 2. Striped polo t-shirt from FCUK, 3. Jeans from FCUK, 4. Dark denim shorts from FCUK.



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