Personal Grooming – What do you use?

Being a beauty and fashion blogger also means that I not only have to do reviews on products and services, it usually means that I have to share my personal grooming secrets with you too. The kind of personal grooming I’m talking about today, has something to do with hair. No, not hair on my head, but everywhere else. Yes, the underarms, legs and ok, our “cha cha”.  There are many different ways to get rid of unwanted hair, waxing, shaving, using the dilapidator, lotions that claim to dissolve the hair, and now the ever popular IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Me, I’ve always been a shaver. I’ve tried waxing my underarm once – after watching an ad promoting how a certain waxing product was PAINLESS. Well, no, wasn’t painless, in fact, caused me pain that lasted a few weeks. The skin on my underarm was sooo raw and sore from it, that I had to wait for it to heal before performing any other “operations” on them! So I reverted back to shaving, and the occasional battery operated dilapilator on my legs, if I have the time.

It wasn’t until I saw the Schick Quattro Trimstyle ad that I realised – yes, there is a solution to EVERYTHING! I knew I HAD to have it. With the option of not only being able to shave your legs and underarms BUT to groom your “cha cha” too! Amazing!

Recently, I’ve been given the Schick Intuition Pomegranate All-In-One razor. What are the plus points for this shaver? Besides having pomegranate extract as part of their formula – which promises to moisturise the skin, it’s a shaver that lathers AND shaves! Being a busy mother of 3 who also runs her own business AND blogs, I need products that don’t take ages for me to carry out my personal grooming. I tried it out, a little bit sceptical at first. Thought I’d try shaving my legs since it was in need of some grooming, considering it’s skirt wearing season again. I stepped out of the shower and simply glided the shaver on my legs. Yes, it GLIDED, there indeed was NO need for lathering! The head of the razor doesn’t look like any other razors I’ve had. It’s the contraption surrounding the four blades that contains the moisturising formula. I didn’t cut myself and after shaving, all I had to do was wipe my legs down. Easy as! The smell was nice and sweet – just the way I like it. The handle is made out of rubber and is ergonomically designed to help us shave with ease and precision. I’m sold! Now, the Schick Intuition with pomegranate sits nicely next to my Schick Quattro Trimstyle.

Schick Intuition Pomegranate All in one razor
Schick Quattro Trimstyle (L) Schick Intuition with Pomegranate (R) RRP$12.69

That’s another great thing about this new shaver. It comes with the handle with travel cap, 3 refill cartridges AND a shower hanger! All for only $12.69. You can also use any other Schick Intuition cartridges with the handle. The Pomegranate refills come in a pack of 3 cartridges at $13.49. Where can you find this? They are available at supermarkets, discount department stores, Priceline and pharmacies. So if you’re travelling this coming holidays, this is also a great and convenient item to have in your toiletries bag.



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